Thursday, September 25, 2014

"And I Love Myself" (Kendrick Lamar)

Boo and Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; Kendrick Lamar, "I Love Myself" (vevo/youtube)
"Everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence..." Even you, Kendrick? Even Belle Knox?

ChaCha BuBu
My man Kendrick just dropped da bomb! Bomb? The hit, the shiznit, the real thang! What is he now, the new Martin Luther Jr.? King, ya mean? We were thinking prince or Malcolm or preacher's son.

Writer Kendrick Lamar
He be lovin hisself. Well, that's good. One can hardly love the world as one loves oneself if one does not love oneself first. So he's onto something, and nominal Christians would be well advised to follow suit -- and to avoid Swimming Pools and The [Weed] Recipe. He's a "good kid [in a] m.A.A.d city." When this joint dropped on Tuesday, KISS FM had him on to talk about it.

Did you ever think maybe I'm just a sex positive sex worker trapped by capitalism? - No.

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