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Teen Pot Abuse, Masturbation, Sex (video)

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Sorry, sorry! I didn't know you could hear us. Can you put the cameras away, guys?
Buddhism and Sex
Maurice O'Connell Walshe (
Mmm, maybe. You sure I'll see God?
This is the third, further revised version of the original Sangha Guide on Buddhism and Sex published by the English Sangha Trust, Dhammpadipa, London NW3. The greater part of it also appeared in the journal Sangha. As one of the older generation, I have felt very conscious of my temerity in trying to write something on the subject of sex which younger people might be willing to read. In this connection, I am very grateful to Alan and Jacqui James for giving me the benefit of their criticism, a task for which they are doubly qualified, being both wise in the Dharma (Pali, Dhamma) and at the same time much closer in age to the younger generation who may read this. But the opinions expressed here are, of course, my own. - M.O'C Walshe, March 1975 More
Does smoking pot make it less likely that you'll go to college?
Does smoking pot make it less likely that one will go to college? (iStockphoto)
(College Humor) What will getting caught masturbating look like in the future? It was so much easier when you could a throw the mag under the bed and hang your head in shame.

C. Nash smokes after possession of marijuana became legal in Washington state on Dec. 6, 2012.
It's "medicine," man
There's a lot of argument over how teenage marijuana [ab]use might affect people through life but distressingly little data to help figure it out.

This leaves parents, policymakers, and young people pretty much in the dark when it comes to making decisions about use and legalization [or abuse and decriminalization].

What a girl does in the privacy of her own bedroom or slumber party is nobody's business?
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People smoke marijuana, presumably, because it affects their brains, not despite that fact. Above, people in Sao Paulo, Brazil, campaign for the legalization of marijuana.
Who needz collige?
Three long-running studies of teenagers and young adults in Australia and New Zealand might help. An analysis of the studies found a dose-response relationship: The more someone smoked pot as a teenager, the more likely that person would struggle as a young adult.
We're very disappointed in you, BoJack
People who were daily marijuana smokers before age 17 were much more likely to have not completed high school or graduated from college than were those who never smoked; their odds were 63 percent and 62 percent lower.

They were also much more likely to be dependent on marijuana and to be using other illegal drugs in adulthood. The risk of a suicide attempt also increased, though more modestly than the other factors.

(CH) Heartbreak and chronic texting, not cannabis, are to blame!
Earlier studies also have found that marijuana use makes it less likely that students will succeed in school. But those findings, and all of these studies, look at correlation, not causation. And they are muddied by confounding factors, like the fact that adolescents living in low-income communities are more likely to use marijuana.
U.S. youth losing religion, evangelicals struggling
There will almost certainly never be a randomized controlled trial on teenage marijuana use, so observational studies, confounders and all, are what we've got.

The studies used in this analysis are among the best: long-term studies with lots of participants that tracked their behavior and health in real time, rather than retrospectively.
Altogether the studies followed 3,765 teenagers starting at age 13 until they reached age 30.
Mountains of "little blue pills" and their chemical kin have transformed the way many people think about sex and aging.
Sex in the time of Viagra: 16 years on
The researchers looked at two milestones in making the transition to adulthood: graduating from high school or college. They also looked at whether the young adults were dependent on marijuana; used other illicit drugs; had attempted suicide; were diagnosed with depression; or were dependent on welfare.
Men suffer more suicide deaths than women.
Suicides rise in middle-aged men
Once the researchers used statistical analyses to adjust for confounding factors, they found that depression and welfare dependence were not associated with adolescent pot use.
But the associations with completing school, drug use, and suicide attempts remained strong. The likelihood of problems increased as smoking frequency increased, on a scale that ranged from less than monthly to daily. The results were reported Wednesday in the journal The Lancet Psychiatry. More

Women's Wellness Conference
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Ecosystem? Suicidal thoughts, drug cravings, homicidal thoughts, is a lie!

Topic: How’s Your Inner Ecosystem?
Lisa Garr, Gina Salvati (, Sept. 11, 2014)
Donna Gates
Donna Gates
Women's Wellness Conference speaker Donna Gates ( is best known as an expert on Candida and immune-related disorders. She teaches us to bring our bodies back into balance, how to increase energy in our lives and how to stop cravings for sweets and chocolate among many other helpful health tips.
Lisa Garr
Experiencing any digestive issues?  How’s the immune system? What about energy levels? All of these things are influenced by diet and what guest Donna Gates calls our "inner ecosystem."

Listen today (FREE) and find out more about what upsets and corrects that system. Some things will throw it out of balance, but there are things we can do to start creating perfect health. More
Lisa Garr (host of Pacifica's The Aware Show on KPFK and occasional co-host of Coast to Coast) will speak at the Women's Wellness Conference 2014 with Donna Gates, Bruce Lipton, Sarah Gottfried, David Wolfe, and many others.

Breakthrough in anti-aging technology
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Do Females Watch PORN?
(College Humor) "Girls Watch Porn, Too"

Today, when the role of women in society is an issue of worldwide interest, it is opportune that we should pause to look at it from a Buddhist perspective. A number of books have been written on the changing status of women in Hindu and Islamic societies, but with regard to women in Buddhism, ever since the distinguished Pali scholar, Miss I.B. Horner, wrote her book on Women Under Primitive Buddhism, as far back as 1930, very little has been done on the subject. ["Primitive"=early=Theravada Buddhism.]

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