Sunday, May 31, 2020

Police cause riots to escalate violence (video)

ABC7 News Bay Area, May 30, 2020; Editors, Wisdom Quarterly

Derek Chauvin protests: Why police use grenades, batons, tear gas, rubber bullets, fists, and ammo with impunity
About five hours into San Jose protests over the death of George Floyd, police went to extreme measures in an attempt to clear the hundreds of people still in the streets. Full details at
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"I'll kill you, motherfather! Freeze!!"
If anyone fails to believe that it is police that instigate riots, engage in undue aggression, fire deadly rounds and less than fully lethal but often crippling and quite capable of being lethal projectiles (bullets, cannons, grenades, lassos, flying electric chairs, chemical gases and irritants, deafening sound weapons, and more), go out and observe peaceful demonstrations first hand.

I picked this [blank] special out of the crowd.
See the collective punishment of lawfully assembled crowds deemed "unlawful" at the whim of a commanding officer responding to undercover police (agent provocateur) pretending to provoke uniformed officers and troops.

That pretext serves to turn the tables on the crowd, begin aggressive tactics to kettle, arrest, injure, shoot at, and brutalize citizens for daring to exercise their right to assemble and express their grievances with government and policing practices.

There is nothing fair about it, but a cowardly portion of the population will judge demonstrators in ignorance and side with the "very reasonable" police simply trying to "do their job," which apparently involves being as abusive as they like to get that "job" done.

Don't live in ignorance. Don't automatically side with criminals in uniform. See for yourself. Attend and watch from a distance.

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