Tuesday, May 12, 2020

No one in US trusts authorities anymore

Death (Mara) goes to the beach: Beware. Social distance. Wear masks. Go home. Stay in.
Coronavirus conspiracies: It's all theater
They've threatened me, and I don't want to die.
Writer and documentary film producer G. Edward Griffin discusses his analysis of the coronavirus "theater."

He believes the lockdown is a blatant power grab by politicians who are ignoring science and data. Griffin believes the virus was engineered and cultivated in a lab as a type of bio-weapon.

Scary vampire bats, ooh, wet pangolins, too!
He shares details from his article "The Top 8 Myths About Covid-19," starting with the assumption that "flattening the curve" will avoid an overload of patients at hospitals and reduce deaths.

Prolonging the epidemic actually delays "herd immunity" (when most of the population has been exposed), he suggests, and it will result in more contagion among vulnerable populations.

It's mutating and scarier, or it's an exosome.
The prediction of millions of death unless we enforce drastic measures is based on faulty and biased computer models that are a form of propaganda and fear mongering.

They are biased interpretations of data not objective data itself. Another deception, Griffin asserts, is the idea that everyone needs to be tested for the virus, as that also delays the eventuality of herd immunity.

(Irish Guy 13) COVID-19 = COVert I.D.-1984
Griffin contends that the need for everyone to be vaccinated against COVID-19 is also a profitable MYTH [benefitting Big Pharma's Dr. Fauci and Big Fake Bill Gates].

In the past few decades, vaccine science has become tainted by conflicts of interest, political agendas, and profit-taking, he shows.

Griffin also announces the formation of Red Pill University, an online "gathering place for truth-seekers" he hopes will band together to start a movement. More + AUDIO

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