Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Hollywood's CULT of Scientology (video)

Steven Mango (Mangotology, 1/14); Sheldon S., Seth Auberon, CC Liu (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Inside the Scientology Celebrity Centre: An Ex-Scientologist Reveals All
This documentary is an inside look at Scientology's Hollywood "Celebrity Centre." I begin by taking you on my journey from a fresh faced new actor who just arrived in Los Angeles, full of hopes and dreams, to ultimately being recruited into Hollywood's most dangerous, secretive, and famous cult.

Ask Leah Remini (60 Minutes Australia)
I'm bringing to light all of their perverse crimes, particularly detailing how Scientology exploits members financially.

I talk about the cult's militant "inner party," the "elite guard" Sea Organization (Sea Org), which makes members sign 1 billion year contracts as slaves who devote their entire lives to serving Scientology as round-the-clock slave labor.

I publicly reveal how anti-gay the Church is, bringing homophobia to a whole new level. I'm exposing the Church, airing all the dirty laundry.

Don't believe Mango? Ask Michelle Leclair
I know their inner workings. I know the inside secrets about the Church and its blackmailed celebrities.

This is the video Scientology doesn't want you to see about what they don't want you to know I tell all!
Scientology whistleblower Steven Mango
ABOUT ME: My name is Steven Mango, and I was a parishioner of the exclusive "Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International" in Hollywood, California. In the span of four years of devoted membership, before I escaped in 2012, I became a lifetime member. I donated close to $50,000 to the Church, and I was a victim of severe spiritual and emotional abuse inside the walls of the Church. I was also a "poster boy" for the Church, appearing in advertisements for the International Association of Scientologists across the Celebrity Centre. My photo also appeared on their [bogus recruitment] The Way To Happiness booklets.

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