Sunday, May 17, 2020

Q Anon "plandemic" censored (video)

QAnon Plandemic documentary on BitChute; Comedian Jim Jeffries (The Jim Jeffries Show, Comedy Central); Pfc. Sandoval, Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, Sheldon S., Wisdom Quarterly
Plandemic: The Great Awakening can be seen at Why ban it on YouTube?

Anyone who believes any other two people planned a crime, which is what a "conspiracy" is, are "theorists." The label undermines any alternative understanding of the official narrative on any matter. Does the U.S. government lie to us? Does it? If it does, that's a conspiracy. Does it mislead us, does it keep things from us, does it deny things to save its own a*s? All the time.
This government does almost nothing but lie to us. One good thing about Trump is that he's the most transparent liar we've ever had sitting there lying to us from Deception Central, DC. He's the shark in the swamp, and part of his big mouth is sometimes letting it slip how much we've been lied to. The right does it, now the nominal left is at it. Both are equally capable of deception. But they're just mouthpieces.

I have questions. The facts don't add up.
The real liars, the conspiracists are in the alphabet agencies like the NSC, NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, Google, Facebook, and other spying agencies. Sure, you think private industry isn't in on it. They're in on it all right. To dare to ask questions about the inconsistencies coming out of governmental organizations makes a person a crank? To doubt Dr. Fauci, the governors, the authorities... you'd have to be an idiot to believe them.

Now you're starting to see.
Now YouTube and social media giants brag about how they censor us, and we are told we love it. Censor us more. It's PC. It's cancel culture. Anyone who disagrees with anything we believe must be a "nut" or a "troublemaker." Think. Question. Civil disobedience is our responsibility. Investigate, and stop trusting officials to do it for us. Or just go back to sleep and shut up. Q and others want to wake up. And we want to hear a variety of views.

Did you know that YouTube censored Big Pharma's Dr. Tony Fauci? There used to be a video on YouTube about him saying how stupid, useless, and counterproductive wearing masks was. Bam, disappeared.

Now our own Pravda (the USSR's official propaganda newspaper "Truth") PR firms keep the official narrative straight using one voice: Everyone falls into line. That's how they control the media while we applaud them, "It's okay, it's for safety!"

This week every show on NPR and the other mainstream media was falling over itself to discredit Q Anon. We hadn't even heard about the big, now-banned "plandemic" video. But it was clamped down on. Now we get a big taste of what life in China is like. The only stories we get to hear are "officially" approved truths and views.

It takes a comedian to look deeper, in this case Jim Jeffries, in other cases it's Jimmy Dore.
  • Stay away from Q's documentary on Bit Chute

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