Thursday, May 14, 2020

Queen "Elizabeth Reigns" (The Beatles)

Ringo Starr, Ringo Rama, "Elizabeth Reigns" the Last Empress of India; Wisdom Quarterly

If the Queen Mother was so beloved, why does her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, eat babies in her transformation-body as a reptilian-human hybrid cannibal? Even this song of praise could lose Richard "Ringo" Starkey his knighthood, so don't talk about David Icke or his website Just explain how in the world Ringo is the Beatles? He's the last living one, given that the Paul we have is not the original one, according to exhaustive investigation and video of the original Beatle, who was replaced by a friend and fellow musician early on. It sounds preposterous until one looks at the evidence. But let's say he's not. Why believe anything without seeing the evidence? There are still testimonies about this queen and evidence Icke has gathered and presented.

If it's impossible to think the current queen could be a private monster, who would of thought it of beloved Jimmy Savile? Or the American Confederacy and the lingering love for it in the South?

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