Friday, May 15, 2020

Zen: Buddhist sense of urgency, calm (audio)

Domyo Burke (Zen Studies Podcast, 1/17/19); Amber Larson, CC Liu (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Enlightenment: "Are we there yet?" (Sipress)
Podcast 86Samvega and pasada are two Buddhist emotions indispensable for practice.

"Sense of urgency" (samvega) and "calm" (pasada) keep our practice alive and on course. The first is a spiritual sense of urgency arising with regard to three things:
  1. a sense of disillusionment and dispassion about life as it was usually lived,
  2. our own complacency and complicity,
  3. and a determination to find a more meaningful way to live.
Contrary to society at large, Buddhism goes against the stream as it encourages the cultivation of a sense of urgency -- as long as it is balanced with a serene confidence and calm that arises when we find a reliable way to address the sense of urgency to awaken and gain liberation from illusion. More + AUDIO

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