Thursday, May 21, 2020

I don't believe in "conspiracies"! (video)

Eds., Wisdom Quarterly; Mike MacRae, Jimmy Dore (, 5/21/20); VAXXED
In England you get warned. In the U.S. you're on your own (
It's OK, I'm a sell out.
But I don't believe in "conspiracies."

I only believe what my government tells me to believe, and my pastor (unless he's quoting the weird parts of the Bible about ghosts, space aliens, UFOs, and miracles), and my relatives, unless it's my weird uncle.

I only accept officially vetted stories from "reliable" authorities who are part of the consensus reality, and if I can check it on Wikipedia or official sources.

  • Watch VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe or note the autism statistics rising exponentially ever since they started bundling all the inoculations forced on parents of young children without developed immune systems
(VAXXED) Close your eyes, plug your ears. No one wants the truth.
  • The problem with vaccines isn't the idea but the excipients, heavy mental adjuvants like thimerosal
  • What does "iatrogenic" mean? It means the #1 killer of Americans are medical treatments prescribed and carried out as prescribed
  • I trust the police and don't think they would shoot anybody on purpose
  • What's Event 201 where they were planning this pandemic
  • Who's the number one funder of the W.H.O.?
  • Who gave a TED Talk about the coming coronavirus? (Bill Gates)
  • Why are we told it's new when it's the old SARS?
(Jimmy Dore) Stay afraid, very afraid, COVID-19 mutates to COVID-20
  • Why do some say it's engineered and others that it's all natural?
  • Why when the facts don't stack up we're told not to question?
  • Why have so many come around to understanding 9/11 but others refuse to look into it?
  • Why won't you look up and admit those are persistent chemical trails being sprayed on your head nearly every day? It's not steam or exhaust which dissipates within 30 seconds
  • What are those HAARP devices all about?
  • Why did we just lose our privacy rights with the Senate voting to allow the FBI to go through your browser history without a warrant? It's a fishing expedition, and if they say they found something, you're in big trouble facing indefinite detention with no trial ever
  • What is "Operation Northwoods"?
  • What was "Operation Paperclip" to make Nazis Americans?
  • What did our government do to the Tuskegee airmen?
Slaughter of animals, meatpacking in U.S. "wet markets" makes us sick.
  • What was the operation to put a government propagandist in every media outlet of any significance? The CIA and FBI have many tentacles
  • What is Dr. Greer's "Disclosure Project"?
  • What is the shape of planet? Who could doubt it? Look into it
  • Why does the Bible talk about things?
  • Why does the Smithsonian hide physical evidence?
  • Who's doing the Mandela Effect?
  • Why do we all know about Area 51 but laugh?
  • Why do school shooting get used as pretexts?
  • Why when we know the mainstream news is a for-profit "show" to scare us do we take it so seriously?

It's not just the Republicans. There are dishonest warmongers Democrats.
  • Is Michael Obama really a man?
  • Why does Stewart Swerdlow swear we're being lied to?
  • Why is the moon so clear through a P-900 camera but things just a few miles away are so fuzzy?
  • Why does NASA put out so much misinformation like CGI?
  • Why are there so many whistle blowers in the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, military, government, and other agencies?
  • What did Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Reality Winner, Pfc. Chelsea Bradley Manning, and that Pentagon Papers guy at the New York Times risk everything to speak out?
  • At least listen to Coast to Coast AM and alternative media outside your comfort zone of pablum-flavored propaganda

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