Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rave: EDC, Heat Wave, Surfing, Fire (video)

Crystal Quintero, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly;

WARNING: Record-breaking heat wave

Record-breaking heat is expected across the US this weekend in Las Vegas and Southwest.

Go in the water to get away from the heat?
Dangerous and deadly heat wave sends temperatures soaring past 100F from the California desert to the hills of West Virginia. Record-breaking heat is expected across the U.S this week. In Arizona, including Phoenix, temperatures could get as high as 120F. The heat wave in the Southwest starts this weekend and won't break until the middle of end of next week. Meanwhile, another heat wave is sweeping the Midwest and Plains states...

WARNING: Stay out of water, sharks, currents

Juveniles might bite anything that moves.
Schools of hungry juvenile great white sharks have been spotted at local beaches searching for food. Rip currents that pull bathers and swimmers out to sea are strong in unsettled water. Do not fight it. Swim sideways, parallel to coast until out of it, then toward shore. Or swim near lifeguard or in groups. Beware of shark fins, sightings, and bloody water. Earthquake hazard low after recent Anza Borega cluster of quakes. Welcome to California, the most populous state. Now here's Jo Kwon with the weekend surf report.

California on fire, polluting air
Air quality, heat wave, dancing all night long...
(ABC News) Firefighters are battling a wildfire that has forced the evacuation of campgrounds and ranches.

They were struggling with strong overnight winds and bracing for rising temperatures as an extreme heat wave is expected to sweep across the Southwest this weekend.
The blaze -- which shut down U.S. 101, the state's major coastal highway, for two nights in a row -- more than tripled in size Friday and had consumed 9 square miles of heavy brush.
The fire was 20 percent contained but so-called "sundowner" winds that rush down the mountains in 40 mph gusts were beginning to kick up again Friday night, fire officials said.
"It's very hot and dangerous," Susan Klein-Rothschild with the county health department said of the blaze. "The last couple of's calmer during the day and the eruptions and explosions and expansions have happened during the night hours."
Weekend fire dangers already were expected to worsen as the heat wave will bring potentially record-shattering temperatures across the Southwest. More

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