Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando, Florida: Manchurian Candidate

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, et al., Wisdom Quarterly UPDATED
AJ+ has been co-opted to seem like an objective news source: Attack in Orlando, Florida
Goodness, what is the government up to now?
Darkness (nescience) is the greatest fear. We can only be kept in the cages we do not see. Here is a brief history of human enslavement -- up to and including our own.

There's an old movie with Frank Sinatra, remade with Denzel Washington, called "The Manchurian Candidate" that tells about how the government gets things done. It creates a false problem that it can "solve" with a pre-planned program. David Icke talks about this repeatedly as a "Hegelian dialectic."

Say you want to confiscate guns. The citizens will never allow it. So to gain their consent -- too manufacture their consent, as Noam Chomsky would say -- you create a problem you tell everyone you're trying to solve. You can get Manchurian Candidates to shoot up schools, churches, gay night clubs or anywhere to instill terror. Then you get turncoat soldiers and police to violate their oath and work against the people.

USA number one in gun and arms sales
It's not "the government." There's no such thing as "the government." Government is compartmentalized. Various compartments are corrupted, serving the interests of donors and funders, business interests. And no business is more profitable than the military-industrial complex. There will be no refunds for confiscated guns, so the more that can be sold right now, the better for business.

I love police work and killing "bad" guys.
It's right up there with illegal drugs and pharmaceuticals, the medical industry and cure prevention (there's so much more money to be made in endless "treatments" that cure nothing), the prison industry and mass incarceration...and, of course, the entertainment-industrial complex. That's the team of big business and entertaining propaganda. It's not limited to Hollywood, it's every PR firm in the country the powers that be opt to hire.

I love police work and killing "bad" guys (DM).
Want to restrict civil liberties? Engage in a little government-sponsored "terrorism." Blame it on "the terrorists," whether it's Lone Wolves on pharmaceuticals, the Muslims on jihad, disgruntled employees on a rampage, frustrated college students on a bender, or pretty vixen in an MK Ultra program, they are all acting as Manchurian Candidates when they do what they're programmed to then commit suicide by cop or by a secret gun they have tucked away.

Latin night at the gay nightclub (TU)
Police in paramilitary gear as SWAT or beat cops are usually not involved in the plan. They enact their training like amoral idiots, "Just doing my job, which is to shoot who I'm told." How often are trainings/simulations going on nearby? Even 9/11 had a simulation going on, that way the command and control center can make sure things get done without getting out of control.

Well armed Security Officer Omar Mateen shoots Florida club goers (
Guns are cool, man (
Omar Mateen, security officer. American man shoots 100, kills 50, worst shooting ever? He's an American citizen, he's an Afghan, he called 911 to make sure everyone would know this is IS/ISIS (the Boogeyman, Emmanuel Goldstein, the Cold War Communists, the Blob), how ridiculous do the tactics have to get? Guess those Lone Wolf journal/diary entries and UCLA "kill lists" we're getting too unbelievable.

Lose sleep that some part of the government is doing something, but not that gun nuts are going crazy. Terror, the fear the plan was made to inspire, is being counted on. So be afraid, be very afraid. Yawn. How predictable do these staged events have to get with full mainstream media complicity? It'll be all over the news shows and NPR tomorrow. The revolution will not be televised but the pseudo-revolution is on all the channels right now.

(Lisa Haven) Panic, people, panic. This is it! The gov't is going to...
The Western, English-speaking world follows the same script: white rule, take the natives down. 

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