Thursday, June 30, 2016

The world UNDER the Himalayas (video)

Dhr. Seven (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly; Helena Matias; UFO mania (facebook, YT, June 27, 2016)
(UFO mania) The Mythical Caves Beneath the Last Buddhist Kingdoms of the Himalayas
Shambhala (
The concept of a subterranean realm is common throughout the world’s religions and mythological traditions.

There is a powerful antecedent to the legends and rumors extant today in the mythology of Vajrayana Buddhist Tibet.

In his 1930 book Shambhala, Nicholas Roerich describes his attempts to understand the origins of underworld legends "to discover what memories were being cherished in the folk-memory."
Legend of the underworld realm of Agartha presented by Astrambiente Lazio;
created by Valeria Temperini, Michela Rosarno, and Valerio Panfoli, in cooperation
with Adriana Bisirri, professor and principal of the SSML Gregorio VII University in Rome.

Roerich on the trail of Shambhala (HT)
Explorer Roerich relates the remarkable encounters and events of his travels through Central Asia [Afghanistan, etc.] and Tibet at the turn of the century.

Through his detailed diary notes and the chronicling of legends and parables, he reveals the many facets of the tale of Shambhala, the long-awaited realization of paradise on earth. In Western mythology, Shambhala appears as the mythic land of Shangri-la.

In the prophecies of the East, it is seen as both a physical place and the dawning of a New Era of enlightened consciousness. More

CBS reporter to visit 59 parks in a year
New York (AP) - Conor Knighton didn't take the easy route when he proposed a "CBS Sunday Morning" story on the National Park Service's centennial. His idea approved, he's in the midst of a yearlong journey to spend time in each of the 59 national parks. His "On the Trail" reports air every two weeks, and this Sunday's piece about Depression-era park improvements will be the show's cover story. More

Lawyers hid evidence of police misconduct
Chicago (AP) - When a federal judge concluded that a lawyer employed by the city of Chicago concealed audio evidence in a civil trial, the court issued a sharp rebuke, saying the recordings showed police lied about the events that led officers to shoot and kill a black motorist. More

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