Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ainu: Japan's indigenous (Siberian) aborigines

and Ainu leader Aku Sawai (All Things Considered, ,, Aug. 12, 2008); Xochitl, CC Liu, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Ainus on a Matsumae border customs, 18th century (Ainu people/wiki)

Japan Recognizes Indigenous Group

Did the Ainu come from Siberia? As indigenous North Asians living on the disputed island of Sakahlin they could have easily traveled betwen the Kuril Islands that lead down to Japan. (Invasion of the Kuril Islands, Sea of Okhotsk).

Anthony Kuhn (NPR)
The Ainu are an indigenous people who have recently been recognized by the Japanese government. The group has come a long way since the Japanese government tried to assimilate it by force. The Ainu are now seen as a model of humans [like Native Americans and other aborigines around the world, with the possible exception of Easter Island] living in harmony with nature. More + AUDIO
Ainu community leader Aku Sawai.
Ainu community leader Aku Sawai uses a ritual bowl and stick in prayers to the god [deva, kami?] of the hearth. He played a key role in lobbying Japan's parliament to pass a resolution recognizing the Ainu as indigenous people (Anthony Kuhn/NPR).

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