Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Young Turks: Election Coverage LIVE

Ana Kasparian and Company (The Young Turks); Editors, Wisdom Quarterly  UPDATED

Ugh, she won? Or was she a ballot bandit?
It is becoming increasingly clear that Hillary Rodham Clinton has stolen the primary election and will now face The Donald alone. At 10:00 pm election night (June 7th), Sen. Bernie Sanders is expected to give a concession speech.

The Democratic Party has done enough to throw the California election in Clinton's favor, exactly eight years after she conceded to Wall Street candidate Barack H. Obama the last time around. Sanders will speak in Santa Monica, but it was by keeping out independents (decline to state voters) that the establishment sabotaged the democratic process that would have put Sanders over the top at least in this state.

Clinton won New Jersey and, moreover, the Associated Press, which put her on the cover of news websites and newspapers across the planet by calling the election in her favor BEFORE anyone voted, claiming to have spoken to superdelegates and asking them how they were going to vote in the future, not how they had voted. Therefore, if Sanders concedes, he is doing so prematurely without her having won, contradicting his promises that he would stay in all the way to the contested Democratic National Convention.

Ahh, even the elect might be led astray! (JM)
Nominally "Republican" D. J. Trump will begin to lay down the boom on Clinton next Tuesday when he releases what he knows about her crimes and misdemeanors. While no one likes Trump -- unless Sanders accepts Green candidate Dr. Jill Stein's offer to join her ticket -- this editorial group will be forced to back the more entertaining and less evil candidate.

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