Thursday, June 9, 2016

How to see past lives: Ajahn Brahm (video)

(Ajahn Brahm Retreats) Evidence of REBIRTH: How to see past lives and why it's important

Talina Frost(Talina Frost) I am obsessed with past life regression, and this adds just a little bit more knowledge to it. Amazing...
A deep meditation practice, which is the fruit of persistence rather than over-efforting, has the effect of making our past lives recoverable.

Most people are not conscious of having lived before, but we have. Some people are born remembering one or more lives. But we have lived countless times in countless forms. It is usually only possible to remember human and lowly divine rebirths, either from the recent past or because they left a particularly deep impact.
Human rebirths are extremely rare (when counted against the aeons spent elsewhere, often in subhuman worlds of woe and occasionally in very long lived celestial planes), whereas they seem common because if someone dies prematurely and traumatically, it is possible to be reborn on this plane quickly.

Otherwise, it will be almost a century at the earliest. Why this is is not clear. It is known from regression and meditation reports. See Dr. Helen Wambach's Reliving Past Lives for concrete statistical data from thousands of regressions.

See also the work of another American, the most famous psychic to have ever lived been born in this country, Edgar Cayce, the "Sleeping Prophet" (reborn as David Wilcock).

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