Thursday, June 9, 2016

Living in a rape culture (video)

Ashley Wells, Crystal Quintero, CC Liu, Dhr. Seven, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly; Amy Ziering ("Hunting Ground"), Kamilah Willingham, Amy Goodman (Democracy Now); White Male

It seems unconscionable that anyone would add "...But" to this title unless it's a quote. It is.

When it happened in India on a bus, the country was outraged. The world was outraged. (We could all see what a cultural problem it was by the arguments the guilty party, his father, and other men and some women said in his defense).

When it happened recently in Brazil -- 30+ men raped 16 year old girl unconscious, in full view, videotaping portions. Brazil was outraged, at least a feminist portion of it was, the sexists cowered with their heads down, clinging to the rape-friendly Catholic Church, still the "opium of the masses," and a military-culture, which is more adamantly rape-friendly.

When it happens in our shame-based culture -- that is both ashamed of personal sexual desire and shaming of anyone else comfortable with sex or the victim of sexual assault by incest, molestation, rape, or humiliation (bullying, sexting, masturbating, public sexuality, gender nonconformity, etc.) -- we turn red, feel uncomfortable, and look away.

But this, thanks to a racist superior court judge and the implicit bias that feeds white privilege for those accused and even those convicted of serious felonies, has finally hit home. A privileged and affluent white male raping a female student, likely a white one but that is uncertain, got an ultra light jail sentence. Facing 6 to 14 years, possibly even a life sentence, for three violent felonies, the white swim team member got six months because of the judge's discretion.
  • INTERVIEW: "The Hunting Ground": Lady Gaga, Diane Warren, Kirby Dick, Amy Ziering
  • Prof. Victoria Banyard (Alternative Radio) RAPE CULTURE 2-PACK Today on AR, Prof. Victoria Banyard from the Univ. of New Hampshire talks about sexual violence It occurs from New York to New Delhi, from Denver to Durban. Not long ago, even mentioning the subject was taboo. The stigma and shame were overwhelming. Help lines, counseling, and rape crisis centers did not exist. In some countries, legal, and cultural changes have made reporting easier. But in parts of Africa, West and South Asia, where patriarchy is still deeply rooted, survivors of attacks are often blamed then ostracized. Sexual violence takes many forms, but its underlying purpose is the expression of power and domination over the person assaulted. Take the case of the man in Ohio who imprisoned and repeatedly raped three women over a period of years. During war and civil unrest, rape of women as well as men is often used as a weapon. Sexual violence and sodomy in prison -- even by guards -- is widespread.

    The victim wrote 7,000 words about the matter after the aggressor turned down a sweetheart plea deal and instead chose to drag the case out in court, forcing the victim to testify. got a hold of the victim's statement and published it, a cable news anchor spent a half hour reading it on air, and it has become a viral phenomenon.

    What does it mean? We live in a rape culture, and it is not limited to college campuses and being raped in the military by straight and homosexual aggressors.

    Stanford rapist Brock Allen Turner
    No one seems to have noticed last week when it came out that convicted Los Angeles serial killer and rapist the Grim Sleeper began his raping career with two fellow US military men on a base in Germany. They abducted a child of 16, kidnapped her, brought her to their base and gang raped her. They were caught, but the US military wasn't too alarmed about their sexual misconduct.

    Judge Aaron Persky: I protect white rapists.
    They sent him back to the states to launch a career working as a mechanic for the LAPD and raping and murdering an estimated 200 females. At least one escaped, but it took a disinterested LAPD 20 years to track him down and bring him to justice. They could have looked in their own parking lot where he as repairing their cars as detectives tried to piece together clues, never bothering to interview the victim who survived and escaped his clutches. It's in the documentary we covered when it was in limited release.
    Hillary Clinton could become president. As we all know, racism ended when Barry Obama was selected for the position by the powers that be, funded by Wall Street, and shoved down our throats only to turn on all of his promises, pick up a preemptive Nobel Peace Prize, expand the war on Afghanistan rather than bringing the troops home.

    They're still there, boots on the ground killing with "death from above" via the US military's experimental drone assassination program, all very illegal, but who can do anything about it? Far from doing anything about it, Pres. Obama is proud of it, claiming to meet weekly to sign off on more assassinations by executive decree.

    ("Morning Joe") Surprisingly sympathetic look at "The Hunting Ground"

    Did his administration bring anyone involved the Bush administration's torture program to justice? Did he or anyone do anything to curb CIA abuses worldwide or NSA, NSC, DARPA, and FBI homeland spying programs? No. So it is safe to predict that sexism will soon end when the Clintons get back in the White House. Ken Starr is, where is hypocrite Ken Starr?

    Former Pres. Bill Clinton is a is a serial sex abuse, and who enables him and protects his sexual antics against females across the country? Lesbian Good Wife Hillary, who far from being pro-women is pro-abuse of women. But she's a woman, she has to be for women! She hasn't used her power for good so far, why would she start now?
    In a "rape culture" the weakest (the kids) are the most victimized. GNR frontman Axl Rose was molested as a kid by his father. Incest and date-rape are far more common than stranger-rape.

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