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HOW TO VOTE (free comics)

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Voter suppression is real. It's a crime. And it's happening to YOU today. You'll see when you try to vote. It's like being black for a day, with hardships you never imagined. There IS something you can do to prevent it. Start with page 19: "7 Easy Steps to Steal Back Your Vote." (Comics by Ted Rall, Lloyd Dangle, and Lukas Ketner). Download comics for FREE
Greg Palast(Greg Palast) Rosario Dawson, Greg Palast, and Tim Robbins on Bernie, Trump, and Vote Theft: When someone hijacks a car, it’s not "car suppression." It's theft. When someone hijacks votes, it's also a form of theft. Vote suppression and news suppression go together — because when they’re stealing votes, they want to keep it quiet. Mainstream media outlets like CNN and NPR support Clinton. They are against Sanders. Before today's vote they are calling the election. What's their motivation? Money. Money trumps all other considerations.

Individuals endorsing Sen. Sanders at BernieCrats.net are active candidates for public office. They support and promote Bernie's progressive plans. As Bernie says, He can't do it alone! If we want real change we need to make sure there are enough progressive leaders in office to actually pass the legislation to make change happen. This is about issues. Together we'll get this country headed back in the right direction!
Where to I report voting issues, voter suppression, injustices? ElectionJusticeUSA.com
Who will win California?
We wear our candidates with pride, opposites though they are. #Anybody but Hillary!
Greg Palast, Jimmy Dore (TYT), and Wisdom Quarterly know the Hillary Clinton Camp is going to do everything it can to steal the election -- backed by the powers of the corrupt establishment Democratic Party.

Establishment Democrats, like Republicans, are really just two wings of the same Money Party that serves donors by selling out voters.

We may vote, but we are not electors (electorate): We don't get our choice. Money gets its way by bribing donating, which puts our politicians in their pockets and makes them beholden if they want to hold on to power.
How to choose when they all suck?
If you're not careful, this is where your vote will end up. Let's reform the system.

Senator Bernie Sanders or Dr. Jill Stein?
There are only three choices outside of the Money Party system: Vote Independent: Senator Bernie Sanders. Vote Green: Dr. Jill Stein. Or vote orange supremacist Donald Trump (or Basiago or a third party) -- anyone but Hillary, the Ballot Bandit.
Placebo Ballots: Stealing California from Bernie
Using an old GOP vote-snatching trick
Greg Palast with Dennis J. Bernstein (Reader Supported News)
I will be at the brokered convention.
LISTEN in while Dennis J. Bernstein and Greg Palast take listeners through the ugly sausage factory called the American voting system: Palast and Bernstein have begun a weekly radio broadcast, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: The Election Crimes Bulletin, on his Pacifica broadcast, “Flashpoints.” Don’t get Flashpoints in your area? Then simply subscribe to the weekly podcast.

"The Great Trump Overload" (Tom Tomorrow/thismodernworld.com)
When do I vote?
The California Democratic Primary takes place today, Tuesday, June 7, 2016. Voters must have pre-registered as a Democrat or No Party Preference (NPP = independent) voter by May 23, 2016 in order to participate. There's still time to vote in the general election on November 2nd.
If you are an independent, make sure you're registered as "No Party Preference." There is an “American Independent” party in California which is not eligible to vote for Bernie — only Democrats and No Party Preference voters can.

If you are registered No Party Preference, ask for demand a Democratic ballot when you go to vote and you’re all set! If they offer a "provisional ballot," that's worthless. Do not accept it. Ask to speak to the poll judge. They may say they are out of NPP ballots. Wait until they get more OR ask to vote as a handicapped person who can VERBALLY DECLARE his or her choice. Greg Palast explains how.

Election Day Voting
After finding your polling location above, you can vote for any Democrat on primary election day, June 7th, 2016, any time from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.
  • If you are a Democrat and have received a vote by mail ballot, bring your ballot and the envelop it came in to any polling location in your county to drop it off by saying "I surrender this ballot" (in the case of NPP) for a Democrat ballot.
  • If you are a No Party Preference voter and have received a nonpartisan vote by mail ballot, bring your blank ballot to your polling location and exchange it (surrender it) for a Democratic crossover ballot. WARNING: Do not accept a "provisional" ballot, which some pollsters were trained to give you. Provisional ballots are worthless and are the same as not voting. They get thrown out. You have a right to a real ballot.
  • Are you going to let us buy our elections?
  • If you have lost your ballot or have not received one, you can go to any polling location and vote by provisional ballot [to participate without being counted].
If you have any questions about voting in California, call the Bernie Voter Hotline at (415) 795-8065, or email at cavoterprotection@berniesanders.com. More

Creepy psychopath Charles Manson alongside funny sociopath Donald Trump

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