Saturday, June 11, 2016

Native Americans: People. Culture. History.

Kumeyaay (Sycuan Tribe); Xochitl (Tongva Tribe), Teri Mei, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly
(Sycuan, 2016) "Our People. Our Culture. Our History.," a California doc by
Tribes of the Indian Nation (pre-USA)
"Our People. Our Culture. Our History." is an Emmy Award-winning production that tells the story of Native American Sycuan people and the Kumeyaay Nation through the words of tribal elders, council leaders, family members, and the new generation.

Augmented by incisive observations from Native American historians and experts on a range of subjects, this gorgeous documentary follows the incredible 12,500+ year journey of people who have survived in the face of an ongoing genocide.

They have made it against overwhelming odds to become a sovereign, prosperous nation that continues to honor its past while building a future positively impacting it and neighboring communities after "contact." More

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