Friday, June 10, 2016

Pride Fest and Things To Do in L.A.

Leo Duran, A Martinez (Take Two Show, KPCC,; CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly

"Jesus Hate F[ay]s, or at least his followers do. Beware of Evangelists at Pride this weekend.
Rose Bowl: Mexico vs Jamaica Copa América
Southern California just got over a forest fire in Bieber Country, Calabasas. This morning we woke up to earthquakes in Anza desert and San Diego. So it's Shake 'n Bake as usual. There's a heat spell, a drought, and rain clouds are teasing and evaporating away.

(Fandango) Cellist Yo-Yo Ma documentary: "The Music of Strangers" is international artists from The Silk Road Project discussing their philosophies on music and cultural diversity.

Parkfield Is California's "Earthquake Capital"Caltech: San Andreas fault might be stronger than we thoughtNew research looked at why portions of the San Andreas fault have been so silent. One theory to explain this suggests the fault might be stronger than thought. 
Occidental U. didn't respond promptly to sexual assault cases, feds say However, investigators concluded that aside from some specific cases, the small, private liberal arts college did not violate federal civil rights statutes. 
Invisibilia listening event June 16
"Twilight Zone" aquarium exhibit brings deepest parts of the ocean to the surface  "Twilight Zone: Deep Reefs Revealed" features creatures from a place in the ocean where "sunlight is scarce and divers with traditional scuba gear cannot go."
Most speeding tickets in L.A. not valid “We need to repeal this law and allow the police to use radar and laser anywhere within the city of Los Angeles regardless of surveys.” LA police say they can't enforce speeding on most L.A. city streets.
Caltech: San Andreas fault might be stronger than we thought

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