Monday, June 6, 2016

The truth about Hillary Clinton (video)

CC Liu, Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY); Ellen Snortland (PW)

Where does the "moving to the right" arrow come from? Hillary's Goldwater campaign (WB).
"Security review" was another lie
Editors, Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
The euphemism "security review," as used by soon-to-be-indicted candidate Hillary Clinton, really means "FBI investigation and grand jury indictment."

The head of the FBI has publicly stated that they don't perform "security reviews." They perform criminal investigations.

I'm supposed to be president not Velcro!
Not only is Clinton implicated in numerous crimes and scandals, such as the murder of Vince Foster and "Whitewater," she is the only first lady to ever be criminally charged. Benghazi, a word that as liberals we reflexively roll our eyes at, is a minor problem compared to the crimes committed surrounding Clinton's emails and destruction of government records.

She has repeatedly lied saying she only destroyed Chelsea's wedding photos or emails to Bill, who has publicly stated he steers well clear of for fear of getting caught red handed in yet another scandal of his own.

Guess Hillary really is the Republican "Goldwater Girl" she always said she was (DS).
How many logos did Hillary reject to copy Republican candidate Goldwater? (DS).
What was she covering up? Her lesbian sexting with personal assistant and mistress Huma Abedin, who herself is embroiled in questions about financial misdeeds related to profiting from the Clinton Foundation "charity."

Say it loud: "Hillary for PRISON 2016"
The problem with Hillary Clinton is that she is a right-moving war hawk (notice how her H logo points right.

She is a promoter of the prison-industrial complex doing tremendous harm to black citizens by painting them as "super predators."

She is an inveterate liar who hates people while desperately craving power and influence. (At least predatory former POTUS Bill Clinton likes people).

Columnist Charles Krauthammer predicts that current candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be “either indicted, or there’s a criminal referral somehow squashed by the higher ups” for her email practices. Krauthammer said [with relevant remarks at around 4:20], “The ultimate irony is that the reason she embarked on all of this was to hide her communications from the world, from the Freedom of Information Act, from the Congress. That was the point. There’s no other point in doing this. It’s meant to evade subpoenas, inquiries, congressional committees. And now it’s all over the — I mean, everything is out there. We know that 22 of these were extremely highly secret.”
She is the establishment's dream candidate who will keep everything rolling the way it is and continue Bush-Cheney-Obama era policies, like the nominal Democrat actual moderate Republican current president.

She is a corporate lawyer, who sat on the board of Walmart, and who continues to defend the rich and corrupt (at one time serving as a lawyer for a drug kingpin, whom she could not successfully defend in court so she got her husband Arkansas Gov. Clinton to pardon him).

Judge Napolitano explains what the FBI has in store for Clinton: Emails, Benghazi,
financial relationship Huma Abedin had with State Dept. and Clinton Foundation.

She is a war criminal who squealed with delight and exuberance at the murder of illegally deposed Libyan leader Qaddafi. It should come as no surprise since she idolizes the brains behind many atrocities, Henry Kissinger. Furthermore, she fully backs American complicity and support for ongoing war crimes in Israel.

We're friends, good friends, suckers.
She is a hypocritical lesbian who fought against same sex-marriage until it became politically convenient to switch, and she is an attacker of women who dared to accuse her political partner and philandering husband of sexual assault (even the cheating he has admitted to). Trump will bring more of this out along with investigator Roger Stone after the primary race is done.

She uses people, engages in financial crimes like Whitewater inside trading, enriches herself through fraud such as the fake charity the Clinton Foundation, and wants for nothing higher than personal power and immunity from prosecution for crimes and misdemeanors, which the Obama administration will likely grant her even if she is indicted. But Obama is likely to go further and prevent formal indictment as he has protected Bush administration officials.

Then there's the email scandal again, leading to federal indictment for the destruction of government records to cover her tracks as a cabinet official.

We need a change. Bernie Sanders offers hope. Green Party candidate Jill Stein has asked him to join her. Vote Andrew Basiago, or go way out and vote Libertarian. We say #ANYBODY BUT HILLARY.

Clinton is so bad that we would sooner vote for Trump. Yes madman Trump, as bad as he is, is far better than Clinton. Let the Republicans have lying criminal Hillary.

Facebook = Fightbook in campaigns against Hillary Clinton
Ellen Snortland (, June 2, 2016)
As a gung-ho “Hillary Ho,” I have been asked why I am so quiet about my Hillary Ho-ness on Facebook.

I don’t ordinarily engage in comment flame wars, although I have sometimes commented in a private IM [instant message] or two. Some friends have said stereotypical things about Hillary supporters, and I’ve had to let them know that they splashed me with some of the mud they were slinging.

I inform them, “No, I don’t vote with my vagina. It can’t hold a pen all that well…yet.” Who hasn’t wished they had more than two hands? More Kegels — attagirl!

My reluctance to get into nonstop altercations on Facebook is logical. It’s the same reason I don’t attach raw meat to my body when I’m swimming in the ocean with the word “chum” tattooed on my back. I’ve told my friends I don’t have the time or the stomach to comment-fight.

There are people I like, love, and am even related to who are Sanders, Trump, and Clinton supporters that regularly make eye-rolling statements on Fightbook. All of us are doing it!

If I were to spend my time explaining, arguing, and countering these [anti-Clinton] comments, I would absolutely not have a life. My adrenaline would be pumping so hard I’d have to go to rallies and yell insults at opponents! More


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