Thursday, June 16, 2016

Love for Trump from Japan (video)

(Spotify track) Japanese Trump commercial.

Maybe Donald J. Trump is terrible, horrible, and dumb. That's certainly what the mainstream media would have the world believe. BUT he would still be better than conniving, criminal, corporate, shift-to-the-right Hillary. Anybody but Clinton! Where's Bernie? Why do readers not know that Green candidate Dr. Jill Stein exists and is running, and will Bernie join her and continue the revolution or fall into lockstep behind Clinton like everyone else on late night TV? Even the Libertarian party is starting to look good. We ourselves are backing independent candidate Andrew Basiago.

(Team Coco) Conan O'Brien invites Adolf Hitler (Sarah Silverman) to clear the air about constantly being compared to Trump.

COMMERCIAL: Thanks to everyone who helped make this silly thing out of the kindness of their hearts and love of the glorious leader (lol). Directed by Mike Diva. Shot by Jan-Michael Losada. Starring Chloe Doan. Produced by Mike Shafia and Joshua Z Hernandez. Music produced by Stephen Thomas and Mike Diva. VFX artists: Mike Diva, Tim Hendrix, Calvin Serrano, Aaron Nelson-Purcell, Cody Vondell, Abi Laurel. Edited by Mike Diva. Japanese translation by Mari Toyozumi. Japanese voiceover work Cristina Coppinger. Trump hand drawn Kawaii Art by Caitlyn Brisben. Treatment by Mike Diva and Jan-Michael Losada. Special thanks to Alyssa Onofreo, Joshua Z Hernandez, and Michelle Nguyen Bradley.

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