Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Adam and Eve story BANNED from Bible

History Channel; Crystal Quintero, Dhr. Seven, Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly

Who would bite the fruiting body of the entheogenic "Tree" of Knowledge? (

What's with the Abrahamic (non-Brahminic) bibles? Religious books of Jews, Christians, and Muslims are so full of sexism, incest, patriarchy hypocrisy, blind obedience. Then there's foolhardy rebellion that hints that there's a lot to the story we're not being told. No one notices? They notice but cower in "faith" and obeisance to the creator god?

The fact is what counts as a book in the Bible was decided by committee at the Council of Nicea and other sessions. The horrible, hypocritical Emperor Constantine had imperialism in mind, using religion as a weapon to send in with the soldiers. "You're either with us or against us," conversion by the sword, is it any wonder the Bible doesn't make sense? It's severely edited. Read the Apocrypha, and maybe even Jubilee, if it needs to makes sense. It's apologetics, logical somersaults, mystic mumble jumble, God's "mysterious ways," or poor story telling.
Even Edgar Cayce could tell it was redacted. What we're left with couldn't make sense if we read the critical annotated edition in the original Sumerian or Hebrew. Sumerian? These books were handed down long before Jews got a version of it. These are ancient stories and myths, more parable and far less literal than fundamentalists can stand. And they have been contaminated to serve another agenda.

Did you know Eve was not the first woman? It was Lilith. Did you know Adam was not the first man? Why does the culture revere this collage of archaic tales? Jesus killed that kid (cursing him with his magic powers). As misleading as the Bible is, the popular conception of it is far worse.

Everything we quote is selected, abstracted, and we leave off the ellipses (...), so it has come to mean whatever a Jew or Christian wants it to. At least Jews read, reread, and interpret as part of a religious exercise. Christians just parrot nonsense they think they heard. Do everyone a favor: Read the thing and the footnotes.

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