Friday, May 4, 2018

Suppressed medical discovery treats all disease

Dr. Bob Beck (Shokat Ali, 12/30/11); Crystal Quintero, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Dr. Robert Beck reveals a [cure] for many diseases discovered that is being suppressed.

Dr. Robert Bob Beck Lecture: Suppressed Medical Discovery To Treat All Disease
This is the full version of the Bob Beck Protocol lecture, almost two hours long and full of so much good stuff.

This video just had to be immortalized so people all over the world can help themselves with inexpensive and highly effective treatments, rather than putting our misplaced trust in the corrupt US health [or profiting from disease] industry.

What if someone came up with a simple system that costs only pennies to eliminate all pathogens including the HIV virus and cancer? Do you think the world would jump at it?

Sadly, no. A cure for all diseases, including cancer and leukemia, goes ignored. But that's exactly what Dr. Steven Kaali invented -- a simple blood electrification system that kills off all known pathogens and parasites. He got a patent in just six months.

But this is such a threat to Big Pharma and the American Medical Association's money making means that they have gone to all sorts of trouble to stop this incredible invention from leaking out to the general public.

This really incensed Dr. Robert Beck, who decided to do something about this corruption and profiteering from illness.

So he came up with the his own Bob Beck Protocol, which does not need the removal of blood from the body like Dr. Kaali's invention. Dr. Beck published the schematics to his devices on the Internet (which went viral) before he passed away years later.

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife had done the same thing rather than trying to patent a technology that was un-patentable but of enormous benefit to humankind. Greed often gets the better of us, as Big Pharma will attest.
This is what happens when we try to talk common sense with authorities: we lose (
This is Dr. Beck talking about the corruption in our health industry and his own invention to replace the suppressed Dr. Kaali invention. Notice how he creates "immortal blood" that refuses to die for up to three months because the parasites and bacterial buildup have been removed. Who wouldn't like to have some of that?

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