Saturday, June 2, 2012

When we tried to kill "Napalm Girl"; Wisdom Quartery;

Kim Phuc was photographed running down the road as a naked child (center) screaming from the United States' napalm (jellied gasoline) burns to her skin. Nick Ut, the Associated Press photographer who was there to cover the siege, took the photograph of young Kim:
US/MIC's history of war has given rise to many tragedies as seen in this photo of Kim Phuc.
Moved by her pain, he rushed her to a South Vietnamese hospital. Kim Phuc was born and raised in the village of Trang Bang, 30 minutes north of Saigon. During the US War on Vietnam, the strategic Route 1 that runs through the village became the main supply road between Saigon and Phnom Penh.
On June 8, 1972 an American military "adviser" coordinated the napalm bombing of Kim’s village by the South Vietnamese. Nine-year-old Kim fled from a Buddhist pagoda, where she and her family had been hiding. Two of her infant cousins were murdered in the attack by Americans, and Kim was badly burned. More  

Kim survived and came to live in North America:

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