Friday, June 29, 2012

"Zombies, Demons, and Fallen Angels" (video)

Three-part Hagmann and Hagmann Report (June 3, 2012), an interview with Steve Quayle. "The answer to fear is faith and understanding."

Zombies (
Steven Quayle is a wonderful researcher and broadcaster, but he is an unapologetic Christian, which makes some of his material off-putting. At times he starts thumping his Bible, quoting scripture, and focusing on Issa, Son of Zeus, a kind of Sakka. These are the idioms he uses and the prism he makes sense of the world with. It is worth tolerating. It may not be fully accurate, but it is a familiar language to Westerners. He very much believes in the End Times, 2012, the Rapture, and the coming catastrophe(s). He is a leading expert on giants and the "Brave New World Order" befalling our planet.

Part II and Part III

His book Long Walkers is based on a six fingered, red haired giant evacuated out of Afghanistan by the US military-industrial complex. The Illuminati, globalists, bankers, elitists, alien entities, and spirits all play a role in understanding what is going on in the world today and why. Much of it is due to mass deception, militarism, and PsyOps by clandestine agencies affiliated with the Pentagon, CIA, NSA, NSC, and even more secretive agencies.

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