Friday, June 29, 2012

UFOs summoned over Los Angeles (video)

Robert Bingham interview by Seth Auberon, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly
NEXT SUMMONING AND GROUP VIEWING (FREE): 4th of July, 2012, MacArthur Park

Various types of UFO craft (vimana)
In response to It's true: UFOs over Los Angeles (video), Anonymous writes: "Was this in MacArthur Park? I stumbled on this video on youtube; didn't know this was going on last Sunday. What's this all about? He summons UFOs? The footage is pretty interesting to say the least. Do you think they could be the UFO's sometimes referred to as "jumpers" used for inter-dimensional travel or drones or actual piloted craft?"

Here is Wisdom Quarterly's eyewitness account.

Where the garuda (avian hybrid, eagle beings) looks down, where the devas ("shining ones," protective extraterrestrial entities from heaven/space, angels, demigods) stand guard, near the park's lake, a few hundred feet from where Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh used to come every year [Levitt Pavilion] to lead thousands in walking meditation around the water, at a spot on the corner of 6th and Park Plaza called MindZENty Park, UFOs were summoned. We saw them. We photographed them.

Scattered tufts of onshore flow blew in from Santa Monica Bay 20 or so miles away. This is unusual for downtown Los Angeles' MacArthur Park. We were hoping for sunny skies more characteristic of the Southland rather than June gloom. The tufts blew away leaving a slight haze. Seventeen people gathered to begin with, a number that grew to 100 coming and going over the next five hours.
Summoning UFOs
It was a sleepy Sunday morning in the Latin corridor that runs along Alvardo Blvd. Contactee Robert Bingham was here to summon/invite the "angels," as he refers to the extraterrestrial intelligences that appear when he calls on them.
He does not order them. He summons them by request, silently and telepathically, using the lost mode of prayer Gregg Braden calls the "Isaiah Effect." One thanks the universe with gratitude experienced with all the senses as if what is wished for were already granted. (This is the same modality Abraham (the council channeling through Esther and Jerry Hicks) refer to in the movie "The Secret" and in their bestselling book Ask And It Is Given, which tellingly is not called "Ask And It Will Be Given."
Bingham is a simple and sincere blue eyed man with a good heart. It is this quality of character that long ago attracted extra/interdimensional beings. He eventually realized that he could "call" on them to appear, and they would. It does not matter that it is a busy city. They are not trying to hide -- even if they have to be wary of hostile governmental and extra-governmental forces with weapons we are not generally aware of (lasers and more).

In Buddhist terms these are generally benevolent beings from the akasha 2deva loka (space-shining ones-realm). There are various levels or planes of sky/space (akasha refers to both) defined as the worlds of devas. The four quarters are ruled or watched over by the Four Great Sky Kings (Catu-Maha-Rajikas) and their messengers (gandharvas).
They are overseen by Sakka (Sakra, Indra, a kind of "Thor" or "Archangel Michael" in Nordic and Christian mythology, a "son" of Zeus/Deus, which simply means a deva). Above these two planes are five others that are sensual worlds like the Earth. Above them are subtle (fine material) worlds, and above them are four immaterial worlds. Some generally unseen beings on Earth and all of those above the Realm of the Four Great Kings are referred to as devas.

Who is visiting? According to Bingham there is a "Federation," an alliance of many groups trying to help the Earth, particularly by profividng it with free energy technology. But the powers that be -- human and otherwise -- will not stand for anyone cutting into their profits or rule.

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