Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Sluts" and the War on Women

WarOnWomen.com; the male and female sluts of Wisdom Quarterly
Are you a "slut"? Don't be so sure. Take THE QUIZ to find out.

Is there a war on women? Is the Republican party really fighting a Democratic bill that promotes wage equality? Not in God's own America!
But wait, that book He wrote, the bestseller, it's very sexist. The stories we tell ourselves: The Son is good but, O, the Father! Jewish women (then all Gentiles) need to be kept in their place, because you see what happened to Lilith.
"Lilith"? Who's "Lilith"? She was the first Eve. Obedient "Adam" was not going to be ruined by a woman, because apparently the titans (asuras) are sexist. They invaded Earth and re-made humans in their image (or at least rewrote our history/herstory to make it seem that way). Should we accept it? Should we be no better than bulls and baboons?
We seem to idolize liberal spiritual peacemakers (the Buddha, the Christ, the Prophet, the Mother Goddesses full of compassion, the Devas...) and place them on pedestals. Why not be more like them instead?
All the world might be sexist or all standardized sacred texts twisted to degrade and blame women. But we are not buying it. We are pro-human, pro-women, pro-living beings everywhere.
The shining ones (devas) are not buying it. Angels (Indian and Greek-style "gods") versus Titans (giants, nephilim, annunaki), whose side will humans take? Extraterrestrials (demons, angels, conquerors, manipulators, "creators," aliens) pit us one against the other on the grounds of 
  • gender (the social), sex (the biological)
  • nationality, race
  • socioeconomic status, beliefs
  • color, accent
  • hair straightness, preferences
  • habits, anything...
Peace. Tolerance. Acceptance. Then celebration of our differences. Let's not be one, even though we are. Let's be two, three...a ten-thousandfold multiplicity united by our strengths in diversity. If ALL is one, then all of us are one anyway. The bottom line is, If we don't stand together, we'll fall apart.

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