Friday, June 8, 2012

Going to the Beach in SoCal (video)

Molly Peterson and Scott Sterling (Pacific Swell, KPCC,
Waves of the US Pacific extend from Hawaii to the west coast of the mainland (
The Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission is the lead agency running lagoon restoration.
It’s an independent state agency, funded in part by a nonprofit foundation. Members of the commission are appointed from local government and environmental groups.
(LINK) Saving the Santa Monica Bay starts on land in Los Angeles County
The lagoon sits on land managed by the California State Parks system. One interesting thing is that the state parks website seems to show awareness of the fact that there is opposition: it lists the mainstream environmental groups and people that back it.
Commission staffers, the people who work there, are scientists and, in the most neutral sense of the word, bureaucrats. What I mean by that word is that they believe in the process. And over a period of several years, they say, they’ve gone through a lengthy one. Along the way, the public has participated, and regulators and scientists have cast scrutiny on the plans. More

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