Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pope, Sandusky, Lynn: We didn't do nuthin'

Wisdom Quarterly
First the head of the Catholic Church and alleged former Hitler Youth member Pope Benedict XVI made these stunning comments on behalf of his clergy's homosexual rape and abuse of children: 
In a pre-recorded video message (not a spur of the moment gaff but a well thought out and approved position statement) the Pope told  75,000 worshipers gathering in Ireland from around the world for an outdoor Mass that it is a "mystery" why priests and other Church officials sexually abuse children entrusted to their care by parents and schools, undermining faith in the Roman Catholic Church "in an appalling way."

Benedict [who chose a strange name for himself when he became Pope, given that the most famous "Benedict" in history is the great traitor Benedict Arnold, at least from US-centric eyes] commented on the sexual abuse scandals and cover ups by Church hierarchy including his office.
Serial scandal survivor (unitednationsoffilm)
PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania - It has been a tough week for child molesters, rapists, and abettors in Penn. Sports hero Coach Sandusky was found NOT guilty on three counts of raping children. However, he was convicted on 45 similar counts and will likely face civil lawsuits and life imprisonment.
Coach: serial child molester, rapist (Times)
His own adopted son was ready to testify that Sandusky molested him as well, adding fuel to the raging fire. The Coach therefore decided not to testify on his own behalf, thus avoiding his son. So the jurors never knew about the additional victim.
A movie (The Invisible War) came out about rape in the military mostly committed by serial rapists who prefer men and seem immune from any meaningful consequences. Soldiers violate their camaraderie and fraternal brotherhood by violating fellow soldiers, male and female, then go on to rape and murder civilians abroad. They may even come home to molest children and other men or women here. Or maybe they contribute to the growing rate of veteran suicides (averaging 18 a day, 500+ a month), a casualty rate higher than that brought about by combat.
Jury deliberates on the fate of trusted official who sexually abused kids (

Monsignor found guilty in church sex abuse case
PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Monsignor William Lynn was found guilty on Friday of one count of endangering the welfare of a child, making him the highest-ranking US Roman Catholic official convicted in the [ongoing] church child sex abuse scandal.

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