Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How to Meet Trouble (Positive Response)

Acharya Buddharakkhita (Buddhist Publ. Society); Hulpy Carmen Haessler (photo)
If one person shouts, the other should be silent. If one person raises his fist, the other should not. If one person sets a fire, should you set a fire too? Then you will only burn together (Hulpy Carmen Haessler)

Imagine a brief collection of short sutras spoken by the Buddha and a passage from The Path of Purification, each preceded by a short introduction by the translator.
The unifying theme of these pieces might be called a "positive response" for dealing with provocative people and situations.
The sacred texts set forth practical techniques taught by the Buddha for overcoming resentment, anger, hate, and other such pollutants of the heart and mind.
In their place, there is room for cultivating such elevating personal qualities as good will, amity (friendliness), and compassion. For anyone intent on spiritual development and liberating insight these practical instructions will help cleanse the heart/mind and to unfold its great hidden potential.

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