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Beauty: Sun protection without toxic Sunscreen

Amber Dorrian, Yogi Seven, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly
Diet, water, yoga, mood, and melanin all protect the skin (Yoga Coop/Wisdom Quarterly).

Lauren Gott writes in response to Sunscreen is toxic! Protect skin with food: What do you recommend for redheads? I am practically a raw foodist (uber healthy), and I just cannot get away without using sunscreen, as well as, covering up with clothing, hats, etc. I use Devita sunscreen from Whole Foods.
The reason the skin burns is not because of the Sun. It burns as a result of an interaction between the Sun and bodily acidity. This used to be true, but the Sun we have today is not the Sun we once knew.
It used to be enough to alkalize the body; that would keep us from burning. NOTE: alkalizing the stomach is not the same as alkalizing the body.
Use PH test strips in the morning on saliva and urine to check how alkaline the body is. The stomach needs to be acidic when eating. It is a lack of stomach acidity that leads to poor digestion. Poor digestion is very acidifying.
Sun worshiping ages skin (shareitfitness)
What is mistakenly called "acid stomach" is remedied by proper food combining (the opposite of Food Complementing), taking digestive enzymes not alkalizing agents (mineral tablets like Alka-Seltzer or Tums).
The protective ozone layer we once enjoyed between us and the Sun has been attenuated and in some spots completely destroyed. Many more harmful rays are coming through. So it takes more to protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the skin.
Everything the sunscreen industry warns about why we need protection is true. But sunscreen does NOT offer the protection we are led to assume. It harms via endocrine disruption, xenoestrogen exposure, and toxic load. Used as directed, one cannot go stand in the Sun. That is not even the claim it makes; yet, that is how we treat it. The ingredients are extremely toxic, carcinogenic, free radical producing, prematurely aging, misleading, and best avoided.
For example, nano particle size minerals seep through the skin and do unknown harm. Other ingredients react to sunlight and age us prematurely. Titanium dioxide, a major ingredient in "screens" and "blocks," reacts to sunlight creating destructive free radicals. These astonishing facts are no longer secret. The SPF number is not regulated or overseen by any agency. It is more of a ballpark figure.

What to do instead?
Want flawless beauty? Learn photo retouching.
1. FEED THE SKIN. Make your own sunscreen creams. Use fresh aloe, organic cucumber, hemp oil, genuine Vitamin E, chia seeds. Blend. Keep in glass. Refrigerate. It is super cooling and healthy for the skin. Add color with beta carotene (e.g., carrot juice). Or try prickly pear and raw nopal gel. Real cocoa butter (preferably raw and available at health food stores), shea butter, or unrefined avocado oil are also good to keep moisture in and the skin smooth. Melt cocoa and shea before blending by holding them close to the body. Avoid chlorine, which is aging and drying; use a shower filter.

2. COVER UP. Stay out of direct sunlight, particularly at midday when rays are striking directly. This means wearing simple protection: wide brimmed hats, light colors which are more reflective (and even when sheer tend to provide more "SPF" than toxic ointments).

3. CHILL. Stay relaxed. Even a great diet will have a tough time countering the effects of anger, envy, resentment, distress, worry, and other acidifying conditions. Drink cooling drinks, which means NO added sugar. Sweeten with green stevia or real fruit. There is as much sugar in a glass of processed orange juice as a soda. Eat oranges instead. Eat whole berries of all kinds, fresh or frozen. Drink a gallon of water a day, preferably distilled, to stay hydrated and cleanse toxins. Dr. Leonard Coldwell recommends adding a teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt to remineralize it. Avoid plastic and aluminum containers. Glass and metal are safe.

4. UNTAN. Do not tan. There is generally enough Sun damage occurring to ever go seek it out  in a machine or on the beach. This has become true even in northern climes. The East Coast of the United States gets plenty of Sun earlier in spring and throughout the summer. Due to climate chaos warming is moving up, and plants and animals are slowly migrating north.

Ethnic beauty Barbie (
5. GO GREEN. Eat as many greens as possible. Eat sea vegetables. Every meal should have something green. Food Combining is eating the right foods together. What makes them "right" is that they are able to be digested in the presence of each other. (Food Complementing is completely different and should NOT be practiced. It is the mistaken notion that to make a complete protein one has to eat beans and rice, or nuts and grains, together. These foods cannot be digested together, and one ends up with poor digestion. Eat these foods separately or with greens. Eat fruits alone. Allow at least an hour between foods. Do not drink water or anything alkalizing when eating food. The stomach needs to be strongly acidic. Take digestive enzymes. Make sure the digestive tract has healthy flora (probiotics). Get tested for heavy metal toxins, and chelate them out. Green leafy vegetables can be eaten with everything without disrupting digestion. Avoid acidifying foods, which as a rule of thumb refers to anything white or processed. Real food in its unprocessed state has colors. Although hard and inconvenient for Americans, avoid all animal products (dairy, chemically treated innards such as hot dogs and baloney, eggs, and bloodied carcasses). Take Vitamin D supplements, a hormone we need that could become deficient.

Wisdom Quarterly reader Lauren Gott
You're on the right track. Make sure you make the most of your raw food diet. (Avoid flax seed!) We start craving acidic and fermented foods and overdo protein, which becomes ammonia in the body and leaches out minerals like calcium and potassium and magnesium. Most raw foodists eat too many "processed" foods. Eat close to the Earth, actual raw food not just conveniently packaged chips and what not. There are three things that destroy enzymes, which are the main benefit of raw foods: heat, air, and light. Most raw foodists only concern themselves with heat. And the biggest piece of advice? Use sunscreen that you make yourself. The unbelievable truth is, you shouldn't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth. The skin absorbs straight into the bloodstream better than the digestive tract. Devita is a great company, but would you eat it? Alcohols, nano particles, stearates, stearic acids, PABA, propyl parabens, and other preservatives do greater harm than we are aware. It's radical advice. But redheads are usually radical, fashion forward types who need to do more to retain that delicate and dazzling beauty.

() Sunscreen's toxins cause skin cancer.

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