Friday, June 1, 2012

Free Yoga Workshops (video)

Julian Walker, Santa Monica Yoga;
() Emotional Intelligence: Inhale love and peace. Exhale surrender and forgiveness. Consider cultivating self-compassion. Feel it. Live more freely from the heart.

I am celebrating my 15th year at Santa Monica Yoga by offering three absolutely FREE one-hour yoga workshop sessions over the Summer!

The specific purpose of these workshops (besides saying thank you) is to provide some useful tools for any students who are dealing with injuries, pain syndromes, tension patterns, or stability issues.
I will provide alternate postures and key points of attention in poses as well as some specific modified sequences designed to be therapeutic.

Typically, in a full class there is a limited amount of attention and time I can give to individual students. This is an opportunity to address specific issues in an efficient way so that people can get the most benefit from their yoga classes.

Best of all, these techniques and sequences can then be brought back into regular classes!

Open Sky Meditation: scanning body awareness opens us up like the sky.
Thoughts, sensations, emotions come and go like clouds in an open sky.

Come with a friend or spouse if you want to learn an optional massage technique or two that might come in handy as well. It will be fun! Teachers, new and experienced students, and massage therapists are all welcome.

The only caveat is that if you are in the acute stage of any injury, observe and take notes instead of participating so you can utilize these tools once healing has progressed a little further.

The FREE sessions will be from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm in the Garden Studio on:
  • Saturday June 30: Low Back and Hip Stability/Flexibility
  • Sunday July 15: Neck and Shoulder Stability/Flexibility
  • Saturday August 18: Low Back and Hip Stability/Flexibility
Although these short workshops are absolutely FREE, space is limited -- so pre-registration is required.

Buddhist Meditation: Stop. Enjoy this meditation. Notice this body.

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