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Afghan landslides kill 2,100 (video)

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Landslides bury thousands (Ahmad Zubair/AP)
The United Nations said at least 350 people had been killed in Badakhshan, a rugged province between Tajikistan and Pakistan [formerly Gandhara, India]. Shah Waliullah Adeeb, the provincial governor, said about 2,500 people were trapped under the landslides, which occurred Friday afternoon after several days of heavy rain.

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It was one of the worst natural disasters in recent memory in Afghanistan, where spring rainfall and snowmelt make the mountainous northeast susceptible to flash floods and mudslides. U.N. officials said more Afghans had been killed in natural disasters in the last seven days than in all of 2013.
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A search-and-rescue effort was underway and eight people had been found, according to Afghan news agencies. Afghan soldiers and police who reached the village were hampered by the scale of the landslides, Adeeb said.
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"We found that it's impossible to rescue those people even...with machinery. They are covered in about 20 meters of dirt," he said in a telephone interview.
The first landslide crushed about 300 homes, he said, and when several hundred people arrived to try to rescue those buried, they were hit by a second slide.
President Obama said the United States was ready to assist with the rescue effort [presumably by signing secret executive orders to send in swarms of deadly armed drones to euthanize Afghans during rescue efforts, thereby putting them out of our misery and allowing JSOC to continue our U.S. war of aggression and occupation]. More

Condoleezza Rice latest graduation speaker to back out amid protests
War? Landslide? Who cares? We're rich.
Bush Administration unindicted co-conspirator and war criminal Condi Rice's choice not to speak at Rutgers Univ. makes her just the latest public figure embroiled in a commencement spat.
The reality of life in Afghanistan after illegal US invasion and occupation (

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