Monday, May 4, 2020

Marilyn Monroe: "Some Like It Hot" (video)

Vintage News; BBC TV via Adam28xx, 2/15/19; Ashley Wells, CC Liu (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Nobody's Perfect: The Making of Some Like It Hot with stars Monroe, Curtis, Lemmon
Marilyn institutionalized? (
his amusing TV documentary details the making of the classic 1959 Billy Wilder comedy Some Like It Hot, starring American sex symbol Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jeane Mortenson), who is now considered fat but was gorgeous and perfect in the standard of those times at the dawn of the Sixties. It features interviews with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon as well as director Billy Wilder and other participants in the movie's production. [Monroe was murdered by the US government for her sexual involvement with similarly assassinated Pres. JFK and his brother Robert Kennedy.] This program was first aired in 2001 and was uploaded to YouTube with all due acknowledgements.

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