Tuesday, May 12, 2020

"New" corona mutant, Georgia shooting

Channel 5, Los Angeles (KTLA.com); Associated Press (ap.org); Editors, Wisdom Quarterly
Alleged electron microscope image of mutant Covid-19 or poisoned cells and exosomes.
Scary propaganda version of "virus" monster
Who's falling for this nonsense at this point? What terrified mainstream media consumer has already gone through so many bottles of hand sanitizer (made of dangerous, liver-toxic isopropyl alcohol going right through the skin and hitting the bloodstream with more absorption than the lining of the gut) that her/his head is drunk with panic and delirious with state sponsored terror?

Be scared. Look at me all scared.
The Wuhan Flu wasn't deadly enough even though we padded the number (to qualify for our government $$$ compensation, which increases dramatically if we can get someone into a coma and onto a respirator before death). So this just in. The strain the USA has is even worse, more scary, more deadly, and way more sneaky. You'll never even know you have it as you infect everyone with your dangerous particles.

The cause of this pandemic is 5G radiation.
These are not viruses but exosome (vesicles) excreted from poisoned cells bombarded with intense 5G radiation from cell towers? That can't be, can it? This looks organic. This is the first photograph we have ever been shown of a human cell excreting exosomes or RNA and DNA poisons. It has to be worse. Bill Gates, please give us vaccinations. We don't even care if they work. What about that Rendesavere for malaria? Or is there anything you want to experiment with? Try it on me! I'm es'scared.
Georgia family demands arrests 2 months after son shot dead
Associated Press writer Michael Balsamo in Washington contributed to this story
White supremacists don't see any problem here.
SAVANNAH, Georgia - The parents of young black man Ahmaud Arbery, who was slain in cold blood by two white men armed with shotguns, called for immediate arrests Wednesday as they faced the prospect of waiting a month or longer before a Georgia grand jury could consider bringing charges.

Trump will help us get off for doing this.
A swelling outcry over the Feb. 23 shooting of Ahmaud Arbery intensified after a cellphone video that lawyers for his family say shows the killing surfaced online Tuesday.

Following the video's release, a large crowd of demonstrators marched in the neighborhood where Arbery was killed, and the state opened its own investigation, which the governor and attorney general pledged to support.

The killers who pursued Arbery told police they suspected he had committed a recent burglary. Then they changed their story to something more defensible when they realized this rationalization wouldn't hold up under scrutiny.
Police act as the modern KKK chapter.
Attorneys for Arbery's family said the father and son, who have admitted in a police report grabbing guns and pursuing Arbery in a truck after seeing him running in their neighborhood, should be arrested now before a grand jury decides whether to indict them — as often happens in criminal cases.

Racists killed him, and racists defend them.
“These men were vigilantes, they were a posse,  and they performed a modern lynching in the middle of the day,” said Lee Merritt, an attorney for Arbery's mother. According to an incident report filed by Glynn County police, two men shot Arbery when he was running in their neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon.

Gregory McMichael told police that he and his adult son, Travis McMichael, claimed to think the jogger matched the description of someone caught on a security camera committing a recent break-in in the neighborhood. They armed themselves with guns before getting in a truck to pursue and shoot him down. More

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