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Bilderberg, Trump's mother, N. Korea (video)

Mark Anderson (American Free Press, UK Column, posted by NPP (tapnewswire.com)
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Bilderberg officially announces who, what
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Bilderberg Group 2018 meets in Turin, Italy: Early in the morning of June 5, the shadowy globalist group known as Bilderberg officially released the location of its 2018 gathering as well as the list of its attendees.

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In advance of its annual gathering June 8-10, Bilderberg posted to its website a list of topics on its agenda as well as the attendees who will be there when the shadowy globalist group gathers this upcoming weekend.
Every year, behind locked and guarded doors, 120-140 of the Western world’s most powerful business executives, bankers, financial speculators, bureaucrats, and politicians gather together in secret at a five-star resort somewhere in Europe or North America to discuss the most pressing issues of the day—and figure out ways to profit off of them.
This year, Bilderberg picked Turin, Italy for its meeting location. AFP exposed the secret meeting site months ago, but Bilderberg only officially confirmed this on June 5, in an official press release.

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The global group has not identified what resort it bought out to host the meeting, but early reports indicate it will likely be the NH Torino Lingotto Congress Hotel in Turin. AFP attempted to book a room for the weekend of June 8-10, but the entire resort was booked solid, a good indication that this will be the place.
To no one’s real surprise, a press release by the Bilderberg group identified the key topics of the confab, which will include U.S. politics in the age of President Donald Trump as well as the rise of populism.
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Specifically, Bilderberg listed the following topics on its website:
  • populism in Europe
  • the inequality challenge
  • the future of work
  • artificial intelligence
  • the U.S. before midterms
  • free trade
  • U.S. world leadership
  • Russia
  • quantum computing
  • Saudi Arabia and Iran
  • the “post-truth” world
  • current events.
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“As of today, 128 participants from 23 countries have confirmed their attendance. As ever, a diverse group of political leaders and experts from industry, finance, academia, and the media has been invited,” Bilderberg’s press release noted.
Regular attendees of Bilderberg will be there this year, including [National Security Advisor and Sec'y of State for Pres. Tricky Dick Nixon] Henry Kissinger, Robert Rubin, and Lawrence Summers.

Of note, however, is that James H. Baker from the Pentagon will be attending as well as PayPal founder and noted conservative libertarian Peter Thiel. The full list of attendees can be found here. Bilderberg Participants…bilderbergmeetings.org/participants...  Source (TAP)

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