Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Something is not right: The Mercers (video)

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Something is wrong, mal-.
Something is not right.
I'm in a handbag on a trip to...
and I'm feeling uptight.

Kiss your what? No way! Pee on me.
In the famous book series by Douglas Adams known as The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, he proposes that the purpose of a ruler, such as Trump, is NOT to wield power but to draw attention away from the real wielders of power.

In the series there is a charismatic Lothario, who is funny, foolish, idiotic, with an extra head.

"Ballcap Semiotics" (
He is always getting in trouble, with a head full of subversion but knowledge enough to know that if he ever talked like that, they [billionaires Robert and daughter Rebekah Mercer in Trump's case] would put a stop to it and to him.

So he's had a lobotomy of sorts and become the greatest leader ever because all he does is crazy things that keep people talking. He, like Pres. Trump, is supremely suited for this job.
The Mercers, who elected, also control Trump
Under so much stress, addicted to junk food
The Mercers met Breitbart (Breitbart News Network) and through him met Bannon, who took over when Breitbart suddenly died. Bannon was the Mercers' de facto political adviser (The New Yorker). The Mercers invested millions in Breitbart and gained a large stake in the company. The billionaire family originally funded [Mitt Romney in 2012 then] Ted Cruz's presidential campaign, before switching to Trump after his Republican primary win. Then he cinched the Republican nomination, and the Mercers called for "all hands on deck" to ensure his victory against Hillary Clinton. The  right-wing family donated money to influence the campaign, hiring Cambridge Analytica to put Trump in the White House. More

Who controls the media?

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