Monday, June 11, 2018

How far away is the Moon, 3K or 225K miles?

Zetetic Flat Earth, 8/18/17; Seth Auberon, CC Liu, Pat Macpherson (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Using Trigonometry, how far is the Moon from Earth?
This video was made by SmokeScreen Design in response to Reds Rhetoric's video responding to the great Jeranism about how far the Moon is from Earth.

Watch this video because it shows HOW globe-earthers calculate bodies visible from Earth when they assume Earth is a ball (or oblate spheroid). Is trigonometry the correct way to calculate objects in the air visible from standing on a flat (contoured) Earth? Due to the perspective issue, it may not be.

However, for the purpose of making a trigonometry point in this video is okay to do so because globe-earthers do not take that small margin of error (called perspective) into account anyway. Original link to video: The Earth is flat and motionless, and math can prove it if we doubt our eyes.

How far is the Sun?
First of all, no line of light reflects from a ball, where it only shows as a spot. Look at lights on a wet street being reflected from cars in the distance. Now shine a flashlight at a shiny metallic (globe) ball and note that there is no line but only a shiny spot. Now look at the setting sun shining on the wet sea; it's a line. It should be a spot if the earth and the ocean on it were curved.

(Mike Helmick, July 15, 2017) How close is the sun? Christian says it's a trick because the sun is not even here in our dimension to be reached by rockets but in another heavenly dimension. Its light is not far, which indicates that the Earth is flat and that we CAN trust our eyes over other people's math. When the math is done assuming the earth is flat, the math accords with what we can see for ourselves and test, and repeat, and demonstrate empirically. The sun and its light is much closer than we are told. Why? It is either about 3,000 (3 thousand) miles away or 93,000,000 (93 million) miles away like NASA claims.

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