Saturday, June 9, 2018

Why boys YELL (punk rock!!)

Social Unrest screams "Red White and Blue" from their radical first EP Rat in a Maze

Let's walk down Memory Lane. How long does it take for nostalgia to set in and for the things you like to become old? Not that long. Things are outdated rather quickly in the music business because suits want to make money. But sometimes a music genre isn't about money, so it has real staying power even after the suits have stepped in, monetized it, capitalized, and bled it dry.

Red White and Blue
Girls can scream, too. Just ask Alice Bag in The Decline of Western Civilization.
Punk's Not Dead (It isn't?)
It's okay, doesn't matter anyway. It's all right, we don't need to see the light. They bother me with what they call "democracy." Don't you know that it ain't right? The red the red is for the blood that we'll shed. The white the white, the color that says you have to fight. The blue the blue, the Navy's color will drown you you. F*ck today's "democracy." None of it is right for me. And it is complacency, what it's doing to you and me -- red white and blue!

We Were Going to Change World
It's okay, doesn't matter anyway. It's all right, we don't need to see the light. They fight for me? What they call "democracy," not worth it at any rate.

The red the red is for the tape around the states. The white the white, how far will they take this fight? The blue the blue, the depression that will follow you! But I guess that's just the way they think, and everything's in the kitchen sink, preachers for the red white and blue, blood splashes is what it's doing to you, red white and blue. (Repeat).

"American Society"

Eddie the Subtitles "[I Don't Want to Drown in] American Society"
Manic Hispanic couldn't leave Eddie alone, so they covered "American Society" with their own spin on the classic tune.

Early on the Circle Jerks was one of the greatest ensembles in the L.A. scene because they were fast, to the point, and very catchy. Morris had ethics, disgust with the government. and a sense of humor.

The Vandals took everyone for a loop with this catchy and sarcastic yarn about wanting to be a cowboy during the great Western phase of Los Angeles fashion sometime in the 80s. This is it over scenes from Suburbia, all about what hardcore punk was really like.

VOID was one of my personal favorites, berserk, pure power and disdain

Girls yell, too

There was a little color (thank you Bad Brains), like bands having at least one Mexican member to the satisfaction of almost half the L.A. audience, and there were ghoulish girls, like Dinah Cancer of 45 Grave and Eva O of the Super Heroines, or Wendy O. Williams of the Plasmatics and Alice Bag of the Alice Bag Band and Lorna of the Germs, Julie form Sin 34, those runaway gals from Detox. Grrl power!

Then metal took punk and sold out

(Saturday Night Live) Maybe one day there'll be a reunion show.

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