Sunday, June 17, 2018

UCLA Psychedelics Conference (June 22-23) via; Ananda M., Dhr. Seven, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly
Los Angeles Psychedelic Science Symposium (
Los Angeles Psychedelic Science Symposium 2018, Ackerman Ballroom UCLA
UCLA Dr. C. S Grob
UCLA is having its first conference on psychedelics to spread research-based information and provide a  platform for amazing speakers -- including the legendary addiction medicine specialist Dr. Gabor Mate as keynote speaker. Entertainment and lounge included next door.

UCLA researchers like Dr. Grob are conducting third stage trials for FDA approval using MDMA (Ecstasy, Molly) for PTSD and trauma recovery.

The conference is in Ackerman Hall, and tickets are still available. Los Angeles has a plant medicine healing community to connect with at this conference. More: TICKETS (student discount available).

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