Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Our Holographic Sky is FAKE (video)

Boogie Man; Sky Net 5; Shielaaliens; Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Nibiru Makes a Glitch in the Matrix and Shows Firmament, Holographic Sky, Fake Star, and Grand Solar Minimum

The glitch in the Matrix is now revealed in HD 1080p 60fps with brand new glitches added to the collection. See mind blowing video. To inspect the original image files used in this video, see link below. Attempt to debunk it please prove it wrong. There is NOTHING to hide: video.

A new camera (with original raw files and information retained) with an infrared filter made this view possible. It's made by BAADER Co.

The incoming Nibiru is the obvious cause of the current grand solar minimum. With these two currently going on, our government has put huge lenses in the sky to obstruct and cloak the view of Earthlings from seeing the transiting planetary system.

When they did that they decided to take it a further and rush out a fake "5G" tower system, which is a holographic system to completely fake the sky and clouds. Now they are faking space altogether with fake hologram stars and planets. Yes, this is real as difficult as it may be to believe. Truth is much stranger than fiction.

Who can believe his/her eyes? Get a camera and infrared filter, and look up. Our entire sky is now a hologram and completely fake. One can see through the moon to see stars on the other side. The sun has clouds behind it. The sky is being holographically manipulated to fool us all.

Not scared of the incoming Nibiru system or the effects of the grand solar minimum? You may be horrified watching this video. Are we safe anywhere? Let's discuss the Luciferian Illuminati agenda turning pushing for a one world government and a cashless society to better track subjects under the rule of a world dictator. It will be the United Nations as the new Parliament, Senate, and government rolled into one.

None of this can happen unless the world is turned against a common enemy. This has been the plan all along. This final nail in the coffin will be a fake attack on the United States by some "alien force" already moving into our world and slowly taking over starting with Antarctica.

This part of the plan is as fake as it gets, but it seems the sheeple of the world will likely be fooled by this like we are fooled by everything else. We hear and believe mainstream news, which we know for sure is partly fake (terror attacks, killer epidemics, turmoil, Trump, shootings galore). False flag events are increasing. It's easy to scare sheeple to get us to believe whatever they want.

Kill your television, iPhone, and computer and for goodness sake. Stop relying on the news for information. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Everything stated in this video is easily verifiable with five minutes worth of research. Let's begin that research right now: Lenses in the sky are real and easy to create. Before asking what is holding them up, remember that it's a gravity-free environment. They only need to be tethered into place so they do not float away.

Art Credit: Robert Simons @ Gadget-Bot NOTE: Robert Simons, Peggy Chung, and the Art Team at Gadget Bot Studios are responsible for the three images of the ET at the end of the presentation. Van Allen Probes Spot Man-Made Barrier Shrouding Earth | NASA (,,,, Solar Simulator Patents and Research:,, solarenergyengineering.asmedig...,

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