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Cities found on Moon: banned press release

Maria Gousseva; Strange Things, 6/9/18; Pat Macpherson, Dhr. Seven (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Creepy ET priest
Reasonable people are aware of the activity of an advanced alien civilization close to us, on our moon (Soma, Chandra, Luna). However, are we psychologically ready for it? We still come across articles trying to answer the moot question, "Are we alone in the universe?" Meanwhile, the presence of other, higher-order reasoning beings has already been detected close our earth (Tierra, Bhumi, Eorðe).
Official 1996 press release
May be projected hologram to conceal truth
Here is an extract from the official press release: “NASA scientists and engineers participating in exploration of Mars and the Moon reported the results of their discoveries at a briefing at the Washington National Press Club on March 21, 1996. It was announced for the first time that man-made structures and objects [artifacts] have been discovered on the Moon.” SOURCE: 

However, this discovery was immediately classified as "secret," as it is so incredible that it might even shake existing social order, reports Russia's newspaper Vechernii Volgograd.

There are countless other inhabited worlds.
The scientists spoke rather cautiously and evasively about these objects, with the exception of a UFO. They always mentioned that the [artificial or humanoid-created] objects are possible and stated the information was still under study and that official results will be published later.

It was mentioned at the briefing as well that the Soviet Union used to possess photo materials proving the presence of such activity on the Moon.

Although what kind of activity was not identified, thousands of photo and video materials from the various Apollo and Clementine space programs showed many parts on the lunar surface where this activity and its traces were perfectly evident.

The videos and photos made by U.S. astronauts during the Apollo program were demonstrated at the briefing. More
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