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White Male Suicidal Tendencies (video)

Matt Groening; Nicki Swift; Suicidal Tendencies; Dr. Joel Wallach (criticalhealthnews.com); Crystal Quintero, Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly
"Hell for Beginners" (Life in Hell by Matt Groening, inventor of The Simpsons, 1986)

Mike Muir and his band, Suicidal Tendencies, perform "Institutionalized" talking about his life.
Anthony Bourdain gets tricked into eating ANUS on his show, No Reservations (or Parts Unknown), warthog anus to be specific. He puts it in his mouth and tastes shytza as the indigenous menfolk laugh at the white man to be so stupid as to put an ass in his mouth.

The Double Life of Anthony Bourdain
Nicki Swift, Oct. 11, 2016From "bad-boy" drug addict chef to world-traveling TV host, Anthony Bourdain has led a sad and wild life. He was still a relatively unknown executive chef in NY at age 43, before hitting the big time as the author of Kitchen Confidential. Now he's traveled the world hosting TV shows, won a few Emmys, and even earned a Peabody Award. But how much do we really know about this suicidal guy? Let's take a bite out of his double life: drug and alcohol abuse | 0:25 Opinionated | 0:58 Family and Fitness | 2:03 Mystery meat | 2:51 Financial success | 3:42. More

(Parts Unknown) System of a Down's Serj Tankian is Armenian, and Bourdain visits the beautiful country in the Caucasus Mountain range.

CriticalHealthNews.com, Youngevity.com.
The cause of the rise in suicidal tendencies, particularly in white males in the US today, but not limited to white males, as we see with the suicide of multi-millionaire Kate Spade, was revealed last night by Dr. Joel Wallach of Critical Health News. it is a mineral deficiency, which causes a downward spiraling of health until suicide seems like a good answer. Other deficiencies in utero cause other anomalies, such as homosexual tendencies. Yes, it's not the devil or the way millennials are raised but rather our depleted soils and poor processed food diets that lead to many thing we think of as purely social in the wrong-minded "Nature vs. Nurture" debate. The debate is wrong. Social impacts on our nurturing -- prenatal care, postpartum depression and child rearing, nutrition, food habits, and so on -- play as big a role as biology, epigenetics, DNA codes, poisoning, malnutrition and obesity...

We rue the day Noory took over C2C.
So lame Operative George Noory finally asked an important question, "Which mineral?" Dr. Wallach, for good reason, does not like to reveal the exact mineral because people will necessarily misunderstand and think that simply by taking that mineral, the condition will be resolved. It will not. Minerals are needed in complex of 90 nutrients, with 72 trace minerals. But he made an exception for Noory and told him that it was lithium. Lithium is a naturally occurring mineral that has been studied because out of dumb luck, some people live in places with a lot of it in the ground. And researchers can look at suicide, homicide, domestic abuse, obesity rates and other conditions -- and trace them to the deficiencies in the soil and diets of the actors.

Smug Magazine (Life in Hell)
This can be done on a large scale to find correlations that would otherwise be invisible. Dr. Wallach has looked at more bodies, corpses, and carcasses (animal bodies) than anyone alive, and these autopsies have revealed to him that we need the same 90 nutrients domesticated animals need, and domesticated animals suffer the same nutrition-deficiency-based conditions we think are exclusive to humans. The "holy" water at Lourdes is holy, not only by faith and devas stirring the waters, but by its excess quantities of lithium. So long, Anthony Bourdain. We will hardly miss you, you sad sack addict. Rest in peace, Kate Spade. Thanks for the style, and sorry you were so miserable in your social life while having so much money we all envied you your pathetic life that seemed so glitzy. Thank you, Dr. Wallach, and you too, Noory, for at least having one good regular guest telling the truth about how important nutrition and how we need to go back to throwing our ashes into our gardens and eating our own produce. (Wood ashes contain the trace minerals we are missing in the soil ever since the invention of the light bulb). Remember, as Dr. Thanatos at UCLA used to say, "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem." What "feels" right is completely wrong, and the person at death realizes the grave mistake that has been made. Life, even a miserable one, is a precious gift that people do not know how they got, so they form the wrong view that it came about for no reason and that it must have been easy to get because they got it without effort. The truth is that it is very, very rare and offers the opportunity to do much good and store up much good karma (punya, merit) that benefits one for many, many lives to come. And many lives will come. Surely you will die and all will be lost here, but this empty process will carry on, and "you" will be born and reborn again and again in a seemingly endless series of births, good and bad, high and low. This process is called samsara, the "wandering on" in search of pleasure. Bringing it to cessation would be blissful, or making merit so that future lives are exquisite would be far better. But we squander those chances, make little to no effort to understand (to gain "right view") and therefore spiral down. Suicide is a kind of killing, a murder we do not have the right to perform, and the consequences are miserable when they finally come to fruition. If dying with a hateful thought (dosa citta, aversion mind-moment), we will reappear in a ghost or hellish realm. If we do not die immediately but linger a few moments, that final citta will condition our next rebirth, a function usually performed by our habitual karma, and there -- as here -- we will face the fruits and results of our past and current actions (mental, verbal, and physical). If we had merit, and abundance of good karma, we would enjoy the fruits thereof for a long, long time until they were exhausted. We might even form good habits (the tendency to perform meritorious actions again and again) that would taken us further still. We might even one day hear the liberating Dharma to make an end of this otherwise endless-cycle of wandering. Ah, that would be nirvana!

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