Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Anthony Bourdain: Apocalypse Now, Cambodia

Anthony Bourdain (A Cook's Tour, S.01, Ep.06) via Learn2Travel; Alex Jones via OpenMind Jun 9, 2018; Seth Auberon, Pfc. Sandoval, Crystal Quintero (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Eating on the Edge of Nowhere
Buddhist Cambodia and Japan (two places destroyed by the US military in the US war on Vietnam and WW II): Taking his obsession with the film Apocalypse Now a little too seriously, Food Network/CNN Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain (addict and author of Kitchen Confidential) sets out for Pailin, in Theravada Buddhist Cambodia, on the Mekong River, in one of the last strongholds of the murderous Khmer Rouge, reputed to be one of the most dangerous towns on earth. It is still full of U.S. landmines maiming and killing many every year decades after America's undeclared, secret war on Cambodia and Laos, unfortunate neighbors of Vietnam. After his journey, he returns to Zen Buddhist Japan or what's left of it after suffering three nuclear scenarios (Nagasaki, Hirsoshima, and Fukushima*) at the hands of the U.S.
[*No one can deny we -- well, not us but the military, private corporations, and clandestine services we support, which together are called the "military-industrial complex" headed by the CIA -- targeted and murdered the civilian populations of the first and second, yet most may still not know how involved we were with causing the third disaster. Look it. We covered the why and how at length.]

(Urban Moving, June 13, 2018) Confirmed: Anthony Bourdain killed in hit to cover up Pizzagate, Part 2: Who discovered the body, the chef friend or the hotel assistant? The media does not know or agree but is more than happy to write this off as "suicide" by self-strangulation (not hanging) and move on, "case closed."

We are not fans of Alex Jones, who is a kind of joke, but sometimes he says things that are true. Here he talks about many more people than CNN's superstar Anthony Bourdain, 61 -- Elon Musk, D. Trump, Hillary C., Henry Kissinger, Kanye West, Harvey Weinstein, and others. Jones has sources just because he has a big audience, a venue to put things out when no one else will tell the world.This video is a mirror of what Alex Jones put up in case he gets pulled, taken down completely, or eliminated altogether now that he has outgrown his usefulness to the powers that be. There is shadow government sex trafficking, and this is too hard for people to face. So if anyone mentions it, believes it, entertains the thought, they must be shunned to preserve our sense of peace. More (

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