Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Star visits the "Hugging Saint" in Los Angeles

Star edited by Jen B. (Dharma Meditation Initiative) and Crystal Quintero, Wisdom Quarterly

I feel this could be for almost any group. They could go or meet there, share the experience, then days after June 14th, when Amma is moved on to her next tour destination, they could meet to share their experience and how it compares.

In the case of a Buddhist group, since Amma is universally inviting, they could sit together, doing silent meditation on anything peaceful, while waiting for their Amma embrace.

The Buddha hugs his son(s), Rahula and Ananda.
While they wait they could eat together, gather aside out of audible range so as not to disturb the main happenings, and have their own conversations.

They could get literature, sit in a close circle and speak about the mix of similarities and difference, speculating: Would the original Buddha have been a "hugging saint" embracing as a form of Hindu darhsan transmission of sacred blessings and healing positive energy?

It's good vibes with veggie food, vegan options, all low priced, so they could feast and enjoy the peaceful music and have their own Buddhist conversations, all while waiting for their turns to hug. They could get tickets in a row to wait in line as a group and get their hugs together. They could even tell Amma via the translator of their group, its noble intentions of compassion and raising awareness, teaching, wise guidance.
Amma might smile and giggle and speak in guidance and praise and blessing. A Buddhist group might arrange an event to all go gather at a vegan cafe or restaurant for a feast with peace-loving wisdom and inspirational conversations before the meal.

Then why not a similar group event at this annual cultural and spiritual event with music? The spiritual discourses in English between programs could be food for thought and later be used as a platform for comparing Buddhist teachings, aligned and diverging?

As for the imperfection of my writing, anyone is welcome to compare it with their own. Each truth seeker can then opt to seek, returning to future meetings after Amma has transformed and uplifted them. They might be peaceful forevermore and ready for Buddhist meditations. So yeah, I personally feel everybody ought to hug Amma least once in life.

I believe Amma wishes to hug every single human on earth at least once. It's an enriching experience to bring children. As a metaphor, imagine an Old World European with dozens of children, a child delivery a year. A mother might have 20 children and offer ALL of them hugs all their lives, whenever they want. That's unconditional motherly love.

Even if all 20 kids went on differing life paths, she would be left alone.

But Amma -- maybe because of her fearless loving saintliness can rub off and make everyone stronger and better versions of themselves. Amma could hug that mother.

I had one girlfriend who united with me in her higher holy woman state of being. She was vegan, free of toxins, straight edge, clean, sober, and smoke-free.

She told me she used to be in a popular band, the singer. She got many generous offers of free alcohol, drugs, and she felt she was becoming some kind of addict. She was going downhill on a bad path.

She was worried she would commit vehicular manslaughter in a DUI. She had noticed in her hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, news stories of intoxicated drivers killing and maiming innocent people and animals on the road.

Someone invited her to see Amma. She got a hug, and it transformed her instantly into a pure, sacred holy woman with zero interest in intoxicants. She gained the power to say NO to negative offers.

I have pretty high standards, and when I met her she was already well established in a high level of self-control, so she qualified to be my girlfriend. I was very lucky.

If the legendary saints of all religions were to suddenly manifest on earth and offer personal, close, direct contact and special darhsan blessings to everybody on earth, I bet I wouldn't be the only one to run to encounter each and everyone of them.

Noble friendship, wise association, good company, satsang/sangat ("sacred fellowship") is one of the keys to the spiritual path. Maybe the simplest key in Buddhism is compassion (karuna). Well, Amma hugs fearlessly, hugs everybody, hugs with no worries about contagious diseases.

Perhaps Amma feels her higher vibration of pure, divine, loving light automatically disarms the darkness. Maybe it's a positive contagion that's infectious in our hearts and minds, our spirits (breath). Its power is for the greater good.

If the editors of Wisdom Quarterly ever compose books of true knowledge and wisdom, I'd love to hear them on CD, unabridged audio books. I ask that all authors use their own voice for audio books, at least for conscious authors.

Author Terry Brooks consulted me when he'd written only two books and subsequently wrote another 22. Neale Donald Walsch owes me half his fortune: I was the instrument the holy spirit used to help him many times in many ways in Ashland, Oregon. I uplifted him and inspired him to write the Conversations With God series and many other books.

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Anyhow, thank you for DisclosureFest.org. I love attending any positive, spiritually-aware fest. I offer to fill the stage with original poetry, book recommendations, universal ethics, spiritual discourses -- if a scheduled performer ever fails to show up. Because your name is Jen, I quote Forest Gump: "I may be stupid, Jenny, but I know what love is." DMI

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