Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Is America a POLICE STATE yet? (video)

Wisdom Quarterly Watch; KFI (; Associated Press ( UPDATED
B'cuz I'm ordering you, motherfather, that's why! If you were black, you'd be dead already.
Ironically: "Racism, what racism?" He's just a cop...who happens to hate blacks. He pulled over to intimidate black boyfriend then assaulted, kidnapped, and falsely imprisoned his own daughter...out of patriarchal entitlement as a cop with a gun using his gun and uniform to do his fatherly duties to for his adult daughter who shrieks in resistance and disbelief. More

I wish I had my Afghan War sniper rifle.
The California State Senate Public Safety Committee has given the go-ahead to a bill that would restrict police officers from using deadly force. State Senator Steven Bradford says the change is needed to help address racism in California.  "It always blows me away when law enforcement fear for their life, only when they're facing black and brown people. We don't have a problem with law enforcement, we got a problem with racism in this country," said Bradford during the hearing on Tuesday. More

Happy birthday, Lana Del Rey, who found a way to say out of trouble with cops. Yikes.
"A badge is not a license to kill" -- demonstrator sign during march (
Report: LAPD needs to keep doing more to prevent jail suicides murders by guards
This is so fun! We're licensed to shoot and kill anyone we FEAR, which is any non-white.

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