Friday, June 15, 2018

What is "racism"? (COMEDY)

Chappelle's Show, Bill Burr (Comedy Central); Seth MacFarlane, Family Guy; Wisdom Quarterly
Innocent drug deal to cure Brian's alcoholism turns into screaming black dolphins.
(Comedy Central) Chappelle's Show: "The Racial Draft - Uncensored" Delegations from America's ethnicities assemble to divvy up racially ambiguous celebrities, featuring Bill Burr. White and black families swap husbands in Chappelle's reality show twist on "Trading Spouses."

WARNING: Irony! Graphic sexual references, adult themes, and racially inappropriate content!

The "screaming black dolphins" make another show appearance.

The Wisdom of Dave Chappelle
(All Things Wisdom via Juanesque) Dave Chappelle's WISDOM: In this rare footage Chappelle exposes the entertainment industry and himself. He is one of the most socially aware and vocal leaders today. In his own words he drops knowledge through interviews and his stand up. Why did he walk away from $50 million dollars in Season 3 of Chappelle's Show? He named his price in the beginning, but he would rather be at peace with himself than be destroyed by the industry.

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