Saturday, April 28, 2012

Randomness (audio)

Randomness (Radio Lab)
Stochasticity may be at the very foundation of our lives. To understand how big a role it plays, we look at chance and patterns in sports, lottery tickets, and even the cells in the body. Along the way, we talk to a woman taking pharmaceuticals suddenly consumed by a frenzied gambling addiction, meet two friends whose meeting seems to defy pure chance, and take a close look at some very noisy bacteria.
Is it the L.A. "riots," "rebellion," or "unrest"? 
It's been 20 years since Los Angeles erupted in violence after four brutal LAPD officers were unfairly acquitted of beating Rodney King although two were later convicted in a civil trial. 
As LA remembers race riots, Trayvon's name is invoked 
Teaching the L.A. civil unrest at two city schools: NPR
How Koreatown rose from the ashes of L.A. riots: NPR
Twenty years ago during the riots, a disproportionate number of Korean-owned businesses burned to the ground, casualties of...

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