Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bye-bye, Marshall (video)

Wisdom Quarterly

We never got the chance to say "Bye-bye, Breitbart." He was apparently assassinated for threatening to out President B.S. Obama about something.

Death is one way to effectively silence someone, so we do not know what the outing was about. (The nonsense that it was B.S. meeting and hugging a radical figure is pure cover story deception).
Breitbart may have been a very misguided rightwing conservative blogger -- doctoring videos to make Acorn look foolish or reactionaries look sane -- but he did do a few good things. He encouraged Arianna Huffington to create a media outlet that eventually became the Huffington Post (before it sold out to the mainstream media with its AOL deal). He shed light on the fake centrists that call themselves the "left."

If Barry Soetoro Obama or Barbara Boxer is The Left then we're Mongolian aborigines on small horses racing through the grassy wastelands in search of anyone related to Kublai Khan. (The ancestors of Genghis Khan say we're on the wrong continent for that). Are we right, left, or center? Left. Why? Because we need change from the root (radix) not the branches beyond.

Worse than losing King B.B. is yesterday's loss of BB King's best virtual friend, the creator of Marshall brand electric guitar amplifiers, who built the stacks behind the Hair Farmers of our guitar hero dreams.

Thankfully the corporation will keep building and selling the deafening machines in his absence. So rock 'n roll will live on. And Daisy's guitar camp for girls will live on. And that means one day music will conquer the world.

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