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Hey, why are you so FAT? (video)

Fatty Nobuckle (edited by Ashley Wells and Seven), Wisdom Quarterly
"If you don't move, you get fat." But howcan you move when you're exhausted and your brain and heart are telling you they're starving and when plastics and chemicals are making you obese even as you diet? Meanwhile, the diet industry, food corporations, and cancer centers grow rich.

Okay, I give up. I look like Java the Hut. I wear sweats without ever dreaming of going to the gym in them. I wear them because they're comfy. And I'm sloppy. It wasn't always this way.

I used to have hope and a routine. I ate well and I jogged. But I could never get over the hump, never beat the Battle of the Bulge. My spare tire became a saggy, over inflated mess.

It's not easy looking in the mirror now. I used to like what I saw, in general, but even then I would nitpick. I was trying to criticize myself to thin.

Why Obese Bodies Resist LEPTIN
Tony Tiganis, lead author of a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism, says our bodies produce leptin in response to increasing fat. [That makes us fatter.]
What works is accepting, loving, and doing. But what I found was holding me back are chemicals in foods. First, there are the excitotoxins that practically force me to overeat. It's true. Why are these allowed? MSG is well known, but flavorants, dough conditioners, "natural" flavors that are anything but natural, sugars, empty calories, salt, acrylamides (from frying and "browning"), cancer-causing substances that we run to because someone somewhere is tricking our biology.

How I feel when I eat not to be empty

We are drawn to sweets, fats, and salts. Without leptin, or having become insensitive to it, we don't know we've had enough. The brain is starving as we're fattening up.

Craving sweets, fats, and salts is an evolutionary adaptation, because they were once scarce in the environment. Now they are abundant. So now it is maladaptive. The brain hasn't changed to compensate for the world the food corporations have created. And we'll be deceased due to obesity long before our brains catch up.

There is no reason to eat carbs at all. We can live without them. Yet they are 40 percent of our diet. They make and keep us fat. Once we get caught in the loop of fast, guilt-producing fake food.

We need (unadulterated) fats. We need clean protein. We need vitamins and minerals (like GTC Chromium) and the great things in greens.
You don't "need" grass seeds and their germ reserve. That is what grains are. That is where flour comes from. Wheat and corn, like milk and cheese, are FATTENING and unnecessary. I now avoid them completely. Beer is decomposing grain sugar with lots of toxins. (I know I'm breaking the fifth precept, but I only do it to make TV shows better).

Where is the bulk of our starch coming from? And why do we need sugar to get all that starch down? No one eats cake for the flour; we eat it for the sugar, a more highly processed toxin than white dead bleached flour.

F*rting, a new low in science of hypertension

We don't need anything highly processed. Punching with a rock and tossing into a fire was all our cave forbears needed to stay in shape, to be vital, and strong. They did not spend their time staring at their bellies wondering how to trim down. I want to get back to that. I want to rip off these sweat and go sweat.

But I'm exhausted. The processed foods depleted my essential minerals, like food-chromium. In place of real vitamins, I buy the cheapest "multiple" that is mostly chemical with "natural" flavors and toxins like magnesium stearate and stearic acid and talc. Try to find anything without them. But there are a few good companies like innateresponse.com, and notadoc.org is a great resource to find more.
There are two other carcinogens that should never have been allowed to touch food, but they were. And it was probably more or less accidental. Obesogens and BPA-type plastics that are xenoestrogens. I love fancy words.

But fancy words hide the truth. There are chemicals in the environment, in our food, that mimic hormones in our body. Xeno means foreign. Foreign estrogens (estrogenic substances) compound my own estrogens. The fatter one is, the more lipid deposits, the more of this cancerous hormone one is already producing. I'm fat. I have too much estrogen, and my voice shows it.

Laugh if you want, but you know I'd look good in a halter top and Daisy Dukes.

Hormone imbalances are telling my body to HOLD ON to calories.

LET GO is what I am telling it. And when I was exercising, I was trying to force it to burn up calories while craving and eating more to make up for what my body thought it was losing. Being deprived leaves one feeling depraved.

It's like an iatrogenic disease, something caught in a hospital one goes to to recover from something else. Self-starving leads the body to get fat.

The Social Factors that make us Fat
Starts at Minute 10:30. Why do I overeat, or why do I pack on and hold onto the pounds? "It's genetic"? No. That is a dreadful piece of propaganda that keeps us fat and relying on poison pharmaceuticals with terrible side effects. What I do, how I live, why I eat has much more to do with getting to a healthy state.

Why, why, why?

Why did I get fat? Stress in childhood still affects me. My traumas have had long lasting effects. I take drugs, usually pharmaceuticals to deal with it. And they have yet to invent one without side effects. And I take stronger drugs like alcohol, all to deal with that trauma. Dr. Gabor Mate spells it all out, and more people are listening.

Imagine how much worse it feels to now find out there were "obesogens" in my food. I'll remove them, eat green, eat unprocessed, and take high quality food grade supplements, get outside and move, and watch my mood lift.

PHOTO REPORT: Gabor Mate Fall 2011: On Nov. 30th over 1,000 people gathered at IP Church in Los Angeles to hear a Pacifica-sponsored speech by the acclaimed Canadian addiction specialist, physician, and bestselling author Gabor Mate. The speech was the first of Uprising Media’s Speaker Series. This is a report of the event.

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